Racing Rubber
A Racing Rubber, as it appears in Fantendo ObstaCourse.
Item Type Rubber/Eraser
First Appearance Hood'em-ario Kart
Latest Appearance Paper Fantendo: Dimensions Destiny
Rubs out opponent

The Racing Rubber is an item from the Hood'ems series which first appeared in Hood'em-ario Kart.


A Racing Rubber looks like a piece of eraser-like rubber material with dot eyes, wearing an orange hood, similar to Orange's hoodie. Most visibly, a Racing Rubber wears a dark red and black racing helmet, which is apparently of the same material as the Racing Rubber itself.


This item rubs whoever hits it out for a few seconds. While they are rubbed out, they cannot do anything.

Game Appearances

Hood'em-ario Kart

Fantendo All-Stars Racing

Fantendo ObstaCourse

The Racing Rubber is in this game the special item of Red the Hood'em, but like any other item, it can be stolen with a Snatch Wand. Unlike the eraser's earlier appearances it won't be laid behind and erase anyone touching it. Instead, it follows the user for a limited time, while leaving a (temporary) trail of nothingness behind the Racing Rubber and its user. Anyone can fall into this trail, and will be carried close to from where they fell.

Fantendo and Nintendo Sports

Paper Fantendo: Dimensions Destiny



A full gallery of all artwork of the Racing Rubber.

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