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Rachel Tifft
Rachel FSBO
The Mynisverse's Resident Vampire
Full Name Rachel Anna Tifft
(formerly Rachel Anna Harel)
Current Age Immortal
(Biologically 19)
Date of Birth December 8th
Gender Female
Species Vampire
(formerly Human)
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Motorcycle Enthusiast
Main Weapon(s) Claws
Element(s) Blood
Ability/ies Enhanced physical abilities
Vulnerable To Heavy sunlight
Her crush
Tifft family
Family and Relations
Mynis (Friend/Crush)
Claire MacBeth (Friend)
Ronnie Pepper (Friend)
You might be looking for the original Rachel Harel, who can be found here!

I'm Rachel! Prodigal child of the Tifft family, vampire extraordinaire, and motorbike enthusiast! Nice to meetcha~!
Rachel, introducing herself

Rachel Tifft is a former human who was adopted by the vampiric Tifft family, and one of the closest allies of Mynis and company, despite being unpredictable and somewhat unstable.


Rachel is a pale human with bright green eyes. She is relatively tall, though not unnaturally tall, and her build is lithe. She wears her dark hair long, long enough to reach her shoulderblades. She tends away from make-up, but will often wear obscene amounts of sunscreen when she plans to be outside during daytime. Her canines take the form of elongated fangs due to her vampirism, and slightly stained pink at the tips by blood.

Rachel is almost always seen in a black and white striped tank top, black jeans, and black fingerless gloves that expose her naturally sharp fingernails. While outdoors, she will also wear a black zip-up hoodie. At night, she keeps it unzipped and the hood down, while at day she zips it up and raises its hood to protect as much of her body from sunlight as possible. When she is using a motorcycle, she has also occasionally been seen trading this hoodie out for a leather jacket and tinted motorcycle helmet, which achieve the same level of protection against sunlight but tend to offer less freedom of movement.


Rachel Tifft rarely ever takes anything seriously. She is lighthearted, flamboyant, over-eager, and reckless - a nearly exact opposite of her mature and no-nonsense counterpart from New Prime. She tends to involuntarily make physical contact with others, usually leaning on them or resting her chin on their shoulders to see past their head. She is generally quick to respond to insults, though usually with a comeback insult rather than an attack. Due to her vampirism, she is prone to bouts of bloodlust and battle-thirstiness when she hasn’t had any blood to drink in a while. She can usually stave off this bloodlust for about a month, albeit with some difficulty. Despite her relatively chaotic behavior, however, she is fiercely protective of the falsely accused and her close friends.

Rachel usually spends her spare time with a motorcycle, either repairing it or taking joyrides around the neighborhood. She’ll even go on long cross-country treks on her motorcycles solely on a whim. She doesn’t care at all for weather conditions, but instead enjoys the taste of humid air. She occasionally tries her hand at some cooking when she has little else to do, with varying results. She is exceptionally good at stir-fried vegetables, but almost never cooks any meat she tries to prepare.



Fantendo Smash Bros

A moveset can be found here.





Rachel is completely infatuated with Mynis, thinking his clumsy boastfulness is adorable and his well-groomed fur is fantastic. Mynis, of course, doesn’t even notice, despite how obvious the crush is. She tends to cling at him even more than anyone else she knows as a result, which unnerves him slightly.


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