Full Name Rachael
Current Age 40
Gender Female
Species Human
Family and Relations
Theo (Husband)

Geno (Son) Amy (Daughter) Stephanie (Daughter) Cassandra (Sister) Fran (Niece) Alexandra (Niece) Phoebe (Niece) Chip (Son) Cat (Daughter)

Main Weapon(s) Two Rapiers
First Appearance Mother Darkness
Latest Appearance Mother Darkness
 Rachael is the female protagonist of Mother Darkness

Appearance and Personality

Rachael is a woman long, blonde hair tied into a ponytail, and dark blue-colored eyes. She has pale white skin, despite her sister being black. In some promotional artwork, she has a navel piercing.

She wears a yellow, sleeveless, turtle-neck sweater, and light blue track pants, with beads, connected to the waistband. She wears black, fingerless gloves. The scabbards for her rapiers are on her back, and they can be twisted. (The scabbards, not the rapiers.)

Rachael is an upbeat, positive, bold woman. She has a profession, as a Capoeira teacher. She is happily married with many three confirmed children. (Meaning, as the game gets more developed, there will be more children.)


Early Life/Before Story

Rachael learned Capoeira when she was eight, being very limber, and strong. She met Theo when she was fourteen. Rachael gave birth to Geno, her first born, when she 19. Five, years later she gave birth to, Amy her first daughter. And then, one year later, she gave birth to her confirmed daughter, Stephanie. Then finally two years later, she gave birth to twins, Chip and Catherine.

Mother Darkness -Episode: Prologue-

As Rachael watched the fireworks, her family comes upto her, and wishes her a happy birthday. Theo lays down a blanket and they sit on it, to watch the fireworks, but when they did, darkness soldiers appeared, and attacked. Rachael and her family slayed the soldiers, and survived. Rachael said "That was child play." 

Fighting Capacity

Mother Darkness

Fighting Style

Rachael's fighting style is the Afro-Brazillian martial art, Capoeira. She uses gymnast-like moves. She uses flips, cartwheels, somersaults, and breakdance moves.


Stat Level
Stamina 8/10
Speed 6/10
Strength 9/10


Rachael's main rapiers are called, False Nightmare & Pure Dream.

Creation and Development

Rachael was set to have hilted daggers, like Geno, but the creators thought there should diferent types of weapons for the characters. She was also set to be a brunette.