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R Companies
Type of Company Videogames
Founder(s) Raquel Plaza Orozco
Founded at/in 3,12,2012(Europe),12.12,2012 (USA) 21,12,2012 (Japan)
Area(s) Served Europe,USA,Japan
Owner(s) Raquel Plaza Orozco

R Companies is me companie For 3/12/2012.Includes New games,At a tipe of Nintendo Direct from R Companies:R News and at new consoles:R Console (At A one Fusion withing Wii And 3DS).


Raquel Plaza Orozco (tbc)

Launch Project Game:

  1. New Super Mario Bros.R
  2. Paper Mario:Power Stickers

R Project 1 Games:

  1. ZombiR
  2. Kirby R
  3. Super Mario:Mii Kingdom
  4. Mario Tennis Slam
  5. Mario Kart Plus
  6. Daniel Adventure
  7. Monster Hunter 4D

Characters (From Now):

  1. Daniel (Daniel Adventure)
  2. Raquel
  3. Daniel (Dad)
  4. Carla

More Cooming Soon...

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