RWBY: Beacon of Darkness is an upcoming fan fiction based on the popular RWBY series. It's characters are based on users of Fantendo, however many of them are gender-swapped. It was announced on June 17th of 2014, but production didn't start until about 2 months later.

Main Characters

So far there are four main characters known so far, the members of a new team called team BETA.

  • Blaze Roe: One of the gender-swapped characters, and the main character of the fanfic. She is based on the user MidKnightWarrior, and this is the first and only time the user has been portrayed as female.
  • Ethan Xono: The most aggressive out of the team, who is usually seen angry at something or someone. However, this is just a facade, as his team knows he is really quite a talkative person. He is based on the user Fandraxono.
  • Taylor Hammerson: He is usually the one trying to lighten the mood, especially in the presence of Ethan. He is also a Faunus, having green squirrel ears and a tail. He is based on the user Hamclub13.
  • Axel Heart: A mysterious character who usually doesn't open up to most people except for her closest friends. She is based on the user DarKingdomHearts. Like Blaze, she is a gender-swapped character.

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