This is the timeline for Road Trip Adventure 2.


The RTA2 world has a different sense of culture and lifestyle. There are 14 months and each month has a different name, ironically named after a car part, or car brand.

January = Turbuary (Turbo)

February = Carbuary (Carbureator)

March = Toyodus (Toyota)

April = Fordford (Ford)

May = Exhauxilliary (Exhuast)

June = Hatchbaka (Hatchback)

July = Superchargish (Supercharger)

August = Tranzmishun (Transmission)

September = Volksember (Volkswagen)

October = Audober (Audi)

November = Porshembre (Porsche)

December = Gumper (Gumpert)

Month 13 = Natrakit (Nitro kit)

Month 14 = Erokit (Aero kit)

Timeline by year

550 B.C.E.

Audober 35th - A vehicle name Turbo invents the Turburian Calendar

Gumper 10th - A dangerous disease known as "Suspension-immuno distortion syndrome" (SIDS) has killed over 300 vehicles within 3 months.


Gumper 18th - Nero Fastback, the god, was born.

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