ROBLOX: The Video Game
Developer(s) Rowan Productions
Publisher(s) Rowan Productions
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
Late 2013
Story Mode, Swordfight, Wi-Fi, Options
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: 10+
Genre(s) 3D adventure, RPG
Media Included Wii U Disk
This page was made by User:SuperMaractus. I would say not to edit it... but I don't really care. Haha! A new Rowan productions game which features ROBLOX stuff...


Your character was strolling around, when the admins were giving ROBLOX the user Revenge by destroying ROBLOX... You see a random Noob get banned, just then, you go to some dimension where you see the banned noob... He shows you how to play, takes you out of the dimension, gives you a transmission block, and you enter Jaredvaldez town... People are rebuilding. You get your second main mission, which will be to collect all the types of bricks, and then you get your first boss. You are now on your own...


Name Pic How to beat Mission
Telamon toss his fried chicken at him... Do not toss it in his mouth or he will be healed... A Humble Beginning Part 3
Builderman Throw bricks at him and he will be stunned... Then fling him at a mine... Builderman and Builderdude
Clockwork Use trampoline bricks to reflect his teapots... Working for Clocks
HotThoth Throw iceblocks at him and throw him into the freezer HotThoth on Ice
ReeseMcBlox Set a trap and annot her... Do wrong and you get stunned... Reese yourself
TylerMcBride Toss Tyler Os in his mouth. The last one, toss a flaming brick in his mouth... Roblox Adventure Part 5
ROBLOX (user)


This is the first non Nintendo non Fantendo game produced by Rowan productions...