RC Shroober
RC Shroober M&L-PC
A RC Shroober
Princess Shroob
Elder Princess Shroob
Princess Dr. Shroob
Elder Princess Dr. Shroob
Princess RC Shroober
First Appearance Mario and luigi partners in time
Latest Appearance The ultimate crossover


The RC Shroober is a shroob that appears in the area 'yoobs belly' in the Nintendo DS RPG Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. They control minature shroob ships and bombs to attack the mario bros and thier baby companions.


They appear in Mario and Luigi: Paper Combine where they attack the bros with bombs that will deal 50 damage if it is not hit back at them and they can fire homing missles that only Bowser can take out with his Spinning Shell attack. they also are unlockable charactors in Mario Kart S.