Rc blazer

RC Blazer is the boss of the RC Shroober shroobs and is located in RC Hypers tower in mario and luigi: paper combine. It attacks bowser with its tower and appears 2 RC Shroobers in its battle with mario, luigi and thier set partner. He has 730hp and has the following attacks:

  • bomb:same as the RC Shroobers
  • U.F.O:same as RC Shroobers
  • past game boss: a random boss from the pat 3 games
  • rocket: when down to 200hp he activates its and if you don't destroy him in 7 turns you get an instant game over ( unless you have a retry clock).

he is the 10th boss in the game. he gives 40 coins, 1250 xp, and is the games xp grind as the respawning RC Shroobers give 50xp each. he also gives a 1-up deluxe, a sleepy sheep and, if defeated by paper mario/ paper luigi he drops a power boost.

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