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R.O.B. Attack! is a game that features R.O.B. has the main character. More information soon.


Once, when the realms of Nintendo were being attacked by Releamo, the only universe not destroyed is the Gyromite universe. R.O.B. then sets off into the Realm Hole. He loses his power and his equipment after landing though. Luckily, a little mechanic Pikmin gives him Pikpik juice has a power supply and sets a cord on him. The Pikmin gives him a system that at every Realm Hole he finds, he can go back to Pikmin's Hideout anytime.

Going through the first level weaponless, he most avoid rabid enemies trying to chase him. He gets to a signal station, where his arms can now punch and lift things. Using this, he can stun enemies and finish them off by tossing them into walls. like Minimariolover10's other games, incomplete section


Like many Wii games, the Nunchuck moves R.O.B., and A jumps. Holding A, he can use the Jet Booster if he has it. The cursor aims where he shoots. Every enemy is worth a certain amount of Micro Chips. A basic enemy is usually worth 2 Micro Chips. Micro Chips are collectable to buy things at the Hideout. There are actually more then one kind of Micro Chip.

  • Green Micro Chip– Collectable, some what like money to buy things in the Hideout.
  • Red Micro Chip– Gives R.O.B. a new weapon.
  • Golden Micro Chip– Collect all of these to win something...
  • Blue Micro Chip– Completes a level.

The Hideout

R.O.B. can get new paints, buy new weapons, and collect items here. He can also recharge his health.


  1. American R.O.B.
  2. Golden R.O.B.
  3. Pinkish R.O.B.
  4. Famicom Robot (default)
  5. Fire Painted R.O.B. (unlockable)


  1. Charge Proton Cannon– 190 Micro Chips
  2. Pyro Cannon– 600 Micro Chips
  3. Sniper Ray– 458 Micro Chips
  4. Spotlight– 10 Micro Chips
  5. Camera– 10 Micro Chips
  6. Teaser Launcher– 500 Micro Chips



  • Extra-Screw Arms– Let's him punch and lift things.
  • Laser– Let's him fire a laser, but it has to charge.
  • Gyromite Toss– He tosses a Gyromite that will explode. The longer you wait, the more huge the explosion gets.
  • Jetbooster– Let's him leveliate high.
  • Proton Cannon– Shoots exploding plasma balls.
  • Rockets– Fires a homing rocket.
  • Spiral Arms– Can let him spin his arms to fling away things.
  • Rapid-Fire Arm Lasers– He can keep shooting and shooting.
  1. Charge Proton Cannon– Can charge the Proton Cannon and fire to cause huge explosions.
  2. Pyro Cannon– Can fire around fire.
  3. Sniper Ray– Forms a tiny sniper gun barrel and can shoot green lasers that can go through hard materials, even walls.
  4. Spotlight– Can let R.O.B. see in the dark with a light.
  5. Camera– Can let R.O.B. take photos of things and get them photoed at the Hideout.
  6. Teaser Launcher– Can walk up and shock enemies, or launch the lightning away.

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