SSB R.O.B. Series
Availability Unlockable
Series Gyromite
First Appearance Stack-Up (1985)
Home Stage Gyromite
Final Smash Super Diffusion Beam


R.O.B. (short for Robotic Operating Buddy; in Japan known as the Famicom Robot, short for Family Computer Robot) is an accessory released alongside the Nintendo Entertainment System to help advertise the console as a toy. R.O.B. functions by translating flashes of information on the television screen into physical actions to assist players in compatible games. R.O.B. was only used for the games Gyromite and Stack-Up.

While R.O.B. has made cameo appearances in the Mario series, it has also appeared as a playable character.
Source: Mario Wiki


- : Robo Beam - An optical laser. When uncharged, it can only damage opponents at point-blank range and cannot ricochet, though it can be fired consecutively. Conversely, both the charged and Super Robo Beam versions can damage opponents from afar and can ricochet, but cannot be fired consecutively. This is one of R.O.B.'s primary options for zoning, with the charged version being better in a neutral position, while the Super Robo Beam is better for surprising opponents. This move and all of its variants have transcendent priority. (7% (uncharged), 4.5% (charged), 10% (Super Robo Beam))

> : Arm Rotor-  R.O.B. spins his torso in a corkscrewing motion to strike the opponent repeatedly with his arms. Can trap opponents and has a 1.5x damage multiplier when reflecting projectiles. This move and all of its variants have transcendent priority. (1% (loop), 3% (last))

^ : Robo Burner -  Allows R.O.B. to fly upwards on a limited amount of fuel. The fuel recovers over time while he is on the ground. (0%)

v : Gyro -  Charges and fires a spinning top projectile. It can be picked up and thrown as a regular item after making contact. One of R.O.B.'s primary options for zoning. (1% (base), 4-10% (top), 5% (idle top), 8% (thrown))

F : Super Diffusion Beam -  R.O.B. transforms his body into a turret and fires several trapping lasers that then combine into a single, high-powered shot. (0.5%/1% (narrow beam loop/last), 1%/2% (wide beam loop/last), 10% (final))

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