Full Name Rémi
Current Age 24
Date of Birth July 2nd
Gender Male
Location Brooklyn, New York (TV Shows)
Class Plumber
Family and Relations
Mario (brother)
Luigi (brother)
Wario (rival, cousin)
Waluigi (rival, cousin)
Luise (cousin)
Maria (cousin)
Alfonso (brother)
Gustavo (brother)
Tony Mario (second cousin)
Rosalina (engaged)
Ability/ies various power-ups upgrade his abilities.
Vulnerable To Enemy touch, lava, bottomless pits, etc
Voice Actor(s)
Ricardo Monatez (most games)
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: The Lost Bro.
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. NX

Rémi is Mario & Luigi's lost younger brother. Mario and Luigi found him in Mario & Luigi: The Lost Bro., and he is set to appear in New Super Mario Bros. NX and Mario Kart NX. Rémi wears the same suit as Mario and Luigi, but in blue. Rémi's specialty is his speed.


Rémi is an Italian pizza delivery boy. He has a similiar voice as Mario, but a little lower. He is brother of Mario & Luigi and is in love with Rosalina. Rémi is fast and clever, shown in New Super Mario Bros. NX, Mario Kart NX and Mario Party NX