Full Name Quiver
Date of Birth November 21, 1992
Gender Male
Species Human
Class Archer
Main Weapon(s) Bow and Arrow
Ability/ies Marksman

Fighting Skills

Quiver is the main protagonist of the upcoming game, Take Aim. It is unknown at this point in time at what his extended role is completely.




Powers and Abilities


Quiver's main ability is his marksmanship. He wields a bow and arrow, and can shoot at rapid speeds, and has amazing accuracy. He wields a bow, which doesn't have any specific name.

Fighting Skills

Despite mainly being a Marskman, Quiver has fighting skills in hand to hand combat. He's rather strong, fast, and durable despite being human. Just shooting a arrow at enemies isn't the only thing he can do.


Quiver wields several types of arrows, which all has different effects, such as the following:

  • Normal Arrows, which have no effects what so ever, and just a sharp edge for shooting.
  • Fire Arrows, which leave flames or burns on foes
  • Ice Arrows, which can freeze foes, or cool down things
  • Explosive Arrows, which explode a few seconds after hitting something
  • Wind Arrows, which can become a small tornado after hitting something
  • Silver Arrows, which have a powerful silver tip
  • Gold Arrows, which have a even more powerful golden tip
  • Heat Seeking Arrows, which track into anything it senses heat on
  • A Sword Arrow, which upon being pulled out turns into a sword, that can be shot or used as it's melee purpose
  • Smoke Bomb Arrows, which are smoke bombs in arrow form, leaving smoke to blind foes for short times
  • Electric Arrows, that upon hitting something release a electrical charge on them
  • Grappling Hook Arrow, which is a grappling hook as the name implys



  • His name is based off of a quiver, which is a bag that archers hold their arrows in.
  • He's based off Hawkeye from Marvel Comics, who is GamerTendo's favorite Marvel hero.