Quietus is an alternate universe that exists alongside the Fantendoverse, although the main differences stem from the differences in the events of The Aeo Composition; the first major artifact's explosion, which only separated Marais from Aereus in the original universe, also scattered potent, radioactive magical energy across the entire planet.

Differences to Main Timeline

  • Kresthita, as a nation, never formed; the tribes that would form the nation instead remained isolated
  • The Fox Emperor and the Fox Agents still appeared, but are generally regarded as nothing more than a cult and do not have a strong following
  • The Psions were never wiped out, and Psionics in general gained a much stronger reputation due to the mistrust of magic
  • The Scirevicis Academy was still constructed, but hundreds of years after (about 300 years), and with the assistance of wizards who traveled across from the main timeline. It is not as publicly accepted, however, due to the mistrust of magic.
  • The Thieves Guild or Winter Pact weren't formed; Kai, rather than harbor animosity towards Micaliye, instead saw an opportunity to earn his own ascension by forming the Scavenger's Guild, lead by his own descendants, to help survive in the wasteland Aereus had become.
  • The Elves, disheartened by the failure of their magic, were easily overwhelmed by the Orcs, who managed to take over Aelai. The Orcish mushrooms were immune to radiation, and in fact thrived in it, growing to cover all of Aelai.
  • Wisps were created by the magical blast all over Aeo, but unlike the Wisps living at the North Pole, they were not magically refined by the Elves and hence rather unintelligent, and became mindless killers wandering the wastelands aimlessly

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