Quick and Pokey
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 4, XBox One
Release Date(s)
May 19th 2014 JPN

July 30th 2014 NA

August 18th 2014 EUR

August 21st 2014 AUS

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Quick and Pokey
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Media Included N/A

Quick and Pokey is a game about two Twins, Quick and Pokey who have the ability to control time, but are put through a quest that only true heroes could accomplish. The reason for this is because the twins could use their power for evil, and must prove themselves. 


Quick is the girl, and Pokey is the boy. They both jump at the same height, but when they move, they control time. Pokey makes time faster when he jumps, and makes it slower when he moves horizontally. Horizontally jumping still makes it faster. Quick plays the same, but the complete opposite. Speed stays normal when they are not moving. The levels are, while similiar in concept, there are different types of levels. Throughout the levels are Checkpoints, which are arguably helpful, as Quick and Pokey die from nearly everything in one hit. If in a Dual Challenge, and one of the twins die, the other will not die as well, which some players are thankful for. 

Get to the Goal! Just getting to the end is all that matters!
Rush! Get to the end before the time runs out!
Item Collect! Collect all of the items befre the time runs out!
There and Back! Get to the end, which has the key to unlock the goal at the start!
Dual Get to the Goal! Just like Get to the Goal!, but with both Quick and Pokey.
Dual Rush! Get to the end before time runs out with Quick and Pokey!
Dual There and Back! Get both Quick and Pokey to the end and start of their segment of the level!
Game-Time Rush! Just like Rush!, but Quick and Pokey affect the timer!
Super Challenge! This level type is Dual Rush, Game-Time Rush and There and Back in one!


These Power-Ups might not be nessessarily helpful, but Quick and Pokey will run into them during some levels.

Stop Time

All this Power-Up does is make time stop when Quick and Pokey stop moving, so it could prove harder to execute jumps and avoid obstacles. 

Back Shield 

Quick and Pokey are protected from attacks from behind them. 


Gives Quick or Pokey a sword to use against enemies.


Place a checkpoint of your own to use anywhere you want, only works three times. 


Regular Ground Enemies

  • Pipori
  • Mumbli
  • Roari
  • Lance-Ori
  • Speed Ninja
  • Wormer

Regular Aerial Enemies

  • Aeriori
  • Dragonfire
  • Swoopori
  • Bellybird
  • Hauhau
  • Sklee

Trigger Enemies

  • Warphony
  • Trickey
  • Rockey
  • Spookey
  • Sparkey
  • Yakey
  • Treashot


Regular Traps

  • Spike Trap
  • Crusher

Hidden Traps

  • Hidden Spike Trap
  • Hidden Crusher
  • Rope
  • Crumbly Platform

Trigger Traps

  • Turret
  • Boulder Trap
  • Boulder Drop Trap
  • Smasher
  • Fire Trap
  • Ice Trap
  • Electrical Trap


  • Folly Forest (A really basic area with hardly any traps)
  • Cragged Mountain (Some crumbly platforms, and a few traps)
  • Angry Alley (Lamp posts can mess with the level brightness)
  • Terrible Tower (Electrical traps are everywhere, and so are vertical levels)
  • Aztru Temple (Crushing, spikey, fire and boulder traps are in abundance)
  • Flare Volcano (Lots of fire pillars and turrets here)
  • Polar Park (Slippery, crumbly, turrets and the like platforms make fast speed fun)
  • Nigh Nebula (Contains basically everything from every other area)


Quick and Pokey will have to defeat a boss at the end of an area, usually revolving in a puzzle in someway, as the speed affects bosses as well.

  • Crusher Mech
  • Ka-bynomite
  • Tank
  • Thundai
  • Anubis
  • Obsilamander
  • Thrashing Bear
  • Dark Knight, Anti Quick and Anti Pokey

Beta Elements

  • There were plans for areas such as Bubble Palace, Time Dimension, Sky Castle and Careless Canyon, but were scrapped for unknown reasons, however the former two may have scrapped as they may have actually either been beta names for Terrible Tower and Cragged Mountain, or they simply morphed one another.