The Quick Crew is a group of Sonic characters made up by YoshiEgg (tbc) and used by Peanutjon (tbc). They appeared in the next-to-last chapter of Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!! and in Fantendo Heroes 2: Banned User's Revenge.


Dash the Hedgehog

Main article: Dash the Hedgehog

Dash is a young hedgehog and is the leader of the Quick Crew. He is the fastest.

Blunt the Fox

Main article: Blunt the Fox

Blunt is one of the youngest members of the Quick Crew and is an expert in both weaponry and vehicles.

Ace the Echidna

Main article: Ace the Echidna

Ace is the oldest member of the Quick Crew, as well as a karate expert. He can climb walls and fly, like Knuckles.

Lemon the Rabbit

Main article: Lemon the Rabbit

Lemon is another one of the youngest members and is an expert at making health-refreshing drinks, which she usually does in the Dash the Hedgehog series.


Main article: Ade

Ade is a Chao who helps Lemon and can heal Dash and friends. She always follows Lemon around.

Tulip the Hedgehog

Main article: Tulip the Hedgehog

Tulip is a hedgehog and is girlfriend of Dash. She has a hammer, like Amy, and is being taught by Ace about karate. She hasn't appeared alongside the rest of the team yet.

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