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Pyro Enterprises
Well, welcome to Quetz's Adventure, a fangame made by me, Pyrostar.

Please do not edit it without my permission, but you are welcome to comment or talk to me on my userpage. That said, enjoy the page!


Quetz's Adventure
Request18-Quetz's Adventure
Logo by EximusMax (tbc)
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Pyro Enterprises
Platform(s) Cryogon
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
1-Player Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Cryogon cartridge

Quetz's Adventure is a 2D platformer/beat-em-up developed by Pyro Enterprises. It is heavily inspired by the Kirby franchise, and is said to be a callback to "when half the stuff I made was Kirby and not overly developed RPGs and fighting games".


The story begins with the birth of the protagonist, Quetzarin. The game skips forward two years, showing the girl's parents giving her to a small group of harpies, who take her up to a massive mountain on the island of her birth. She is magically transformed into a harpy, and the game shows scenes over the next seventeen years of Quetz being raised by the harpies.

In the present day, a massive iron ship arrives at the island. A massive group of hunters exits from it, led by a bulky man wielding a massive net launcher. This man, referring to himself as famed hunter Clayton Columbia, orders his men to travel across the island chain, capturing every harpy they can find.

Quetz wakes up the following day in realization that all the other harpies are missing. Surveying the land from her family's nest, she spies the massive ship blowing a dark smoke over the archipelago. Knowing that the lack of harpies is an open invitation for dark forces to invade, she sets off to free her friends.

Traversing the Crypta Archipelago, Quetz finally makes her way towards Clayton's Cruiser, the massive floating fortress controlled by the hunter and presumably holding most of her family. She fought her way towards the brig, where the hunter himself was standing. Determined to capture every single harpy in existence, proving himself the greatest hunter of all time, Clayton attacked the young harpy, letting the final fight begin.

Clayton loses the battle as his cruiser falls apart. Quetz flies away, leading to a final celebration cutscene and credits. After the credits, a short cutscene is shown depending on how many Harpies were saved during the adventure:

  • If 0 to 30 Harpies are rescued, Quetz is shown trying to sleep in a nest all on her own, shivering as a cold wind passes over her.
  • If 31 to 99 Harpies are rescued, Quetz is shown sleeping peacefully in the nest with other harpies, smiling as she drifts off to sleep.
  • If all 100 Harpies are rescued, the ensuing cutscene begin identically to the previous one. However, a growl echoes over the land, and a purple aurora forms over the cruiser's wreckage. All the harpies wake up and fly towards the aurora, with Quetz falling behind. This unlocks the final world.


The gameplay is heavily inspired by the Kirby franchise, specifically Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Quetz treks through linear 2D stages, with the goal being simply to make it to the end of each stage and reach the flag. While the game can be played simply by rushing through each stage, numerous hidden items and side areas litter the levels, ranging from captured harpies, which assist Quetz in unlocking new areas, to side collectibles such as concept art and music for the Sound Test.

Quetz's main form of attack on the ground is simple melee attacks. They are not overly strong, but can be comboed in rapid succession and stagger opponents. In the air, these melee attacks are replaced with the Harpy Shot, a weak wind-elemental bullet that can be shot in rapid succession. As Quetz can jump infinitely akin to Kirby, this allows her to stay in the air indefinitely in order to shoot.


Name Description Special Traits
The main hero of our story, a young harpy with a childish mind and an adventurous spirit. Her main goal is to rescue her captured harpy family, though she's not above having a little fun along the way. Quetz possesses normal stats, melee attacks with normal strength and speed, and a Harpy Shot with a likewise stat distribution. She's the overall best choice for a starter character, and the only one at that.


As Quetz's melee attacks and basic Harpy Shots lack power, her primary heavy offensive skills are her Magic spells. The Cryogon's touchscreen allows instant access to her six equipped spells, which can have offensive or defensive purposes.

Magic is obtained from Scrolls. One Scroll is hidden in each level, and finishing the level with it in Quetz's inventory allows her to equip it in the hub world. Scrolls can also be purchased from Harpy Merchants in exchange for Gold Feathers.

Name Description Class
Phoenix Shot Quetz fires a much larger version of her basic Harpy Shot that has fire properties. Is capable of piercing through enemies if the damage outweighs their health. Costs 5 MP to use and is hidden in Level 1-1. Offense
Wind Slicer Quetz fires a crescent-shaped blade of wind forward, which then boomerangs back towards her. Costs 3 MP to use and is hidden in Level 1-2. Offense
Harpy Key Quetz summons a magical golden key with her powers. This key can be used to unlock a golden door, taking Quetz to a secret area in the level. Costs 30 MP to use and is unlocked by getting a Gold Medal on the Grand Shroompuff fight. Secret
Megalovania Quetz is surrounded by blue energy for a short time period. While this magic is active, Quetz will automatically dodge all attacks that are thrown her way. Costs 25 MP to use and is unlocked by getting a Gold Medal on the Century Gothic fight. Defense


Level Description Boss
Sana Tomas A bright and sunny tropical island, and the place of Quetz's birth. Sana Tomas is a simple grass/jungle world with easy enemies, simple puzzles, and only a fair amount of challenge- the perfect world to get initiated with the game's controls. Grand Shroompuff
Mt. Sagarmata Primarily consisting of the tallest mountain in the archipelago, this world is cave-themed. The setting restricts Quetz's flight somewhat, and the focus is on puzzles over combat, but it's still relatively simple. Supreme Ogrelord
Marina de Mango A coastal town, and really the only large settlement anywhere in the Crypta Archipelago. While the first two levels take place in the town and beach, the others take place underwater, changing Quetz's skills dramatically. Pirahnas/Queen Pirahna
Isla Oasi A desert wasteland nevertheless brimming with life... albeit hostile, poisonous life, compounded by the ancient devices found in the area. It is at this point that things begin getting harder for Quetz, but it's still a fair difficulty. Sand Guardian
Lifestealer Reef A massive reef that is now more shipwreck than reef. The entire region is haunted by skeletal, ethereal, and demonic enemies, which require new tactics to take down. In addition, the environment has become far more hostile... Century Gothic
Fuegoflare Ridge A recently formed island mostly consisting of hardened volcanic rock and the actual volcano from which the island formed from. The environment is lethal, with lava acting as an instant death... Good luck. Magma Mage
Clayton's Cruiser The mechanized cruise ship helmed by none other than Clayton Columbia himself, the bulk of the hunter's minions and weapons reside here. This place is the final trial before Quetz's journey is finally complete; best of luck finishing this true final area. Clayton Columbia/Hyper Clayton
Darkened Skies A secret world unlocked only once all 120 captured harpies have been freed. The interdimensional lair of Naga, a being of pure darkness, the Darkened Skies have absorbed pieces of each of the main islands and Clayton's Cruiser, making it an eerie mashup of every world. The true final boss resides at the end, a worthy final opponent to an experienced player. Naga/Soul of Naga/Wrath of Naga


The powerful foes Quetz must defeat to advance between worlds. Powerful enough to possess their own HP bar, they have a multitude of attacks and take more effort to defeat. All Bosses bestow a special magic spell to Quetz if she gets a Gold Medal on the fight.

Name Description
Grand Shroompuff Shroompuffs are normally tiny, but this mustachioed foe grew huge after eating a few of Clayton's men. It attacks by spraying spores about the area that slowly float to the ground, jumping around to smash Quetz, and summoning its smaller brethren to assist it. It can also inhale her to take her to a miniature battle arena, where she must duel its smiling heart to be vomited out.


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