Question One: Reality is a 30 minute animated silent cartoon that is a part of the Tales That I Wish I Could Tell To The Entire World series, a series of shorts that are shown before some of Vector Arts shows. Question One: Reality was shown before the first episode of The Outcasts. Question One: Reality was written and produced by the same person who wrote and produce the Outcasts.


The short begins with a school class, the entire class is talking to each other as they wait to the teacher come in, the camera zooms in a student, who is quiet and sitting away from the rest of the class. Then, it switches to student's point of view, as he sees the entire class and wonders to himself why he isn't a part of all that talking to each other. A flashback shows that while he was in college, he was bullied by a group of people that were once his friends. The flashback ends and the student reminds himself that reason that he isn't part of it is that he is too scared to talk with people, as he is afraid that situation happens again. Then the next scenes shows the same situation, with the calendar showing that days are passing and nothing ever really changes. He asks himself why nothing ever changes in his life.

Cut to the next day, he is on his room writing a story on his notebook when the doorbell rings. He goes to see who it is and he meets up with a girl, who says to him that she was one of his friends in junior college. She found out where he was and decided to see him once again to see how things changed. The girl and the boy starts to have a relationship and it seems like things are finally happening with the boy's life. They meet everyday on his house to talk about the things that they like and having a great time with each other, except for one day.

The next day, the girl didn't came to his house. As he lacked a cellphone, he decided to look for her in the city, but when he asked about the girl's name, nobody knew who he was talking about. He returned home and asked his parents if somebody came looking for him. The parents said that nobody came looking for him that day. The following days repeat like it did before, with nothing changing.

During a class, he starts wondering who was that girl and if she ever existed. Was she a creation of his mind, that, becuase he didn't had to manage to have friends in his life he just imagined having one? Or was she real and something happened to her that she had to leave from his life? Years pass and the boy doesn't have any news about her.

Years later, the boy became a failed reporter living in a small house alone still with no friends. Having a failed career and discovering a disease that was slowly killing him, he stayed on his home waiting until death. On the last day of his life, the doorbell ringed and he went to check who was it and it was the girl from the past. The cartoon ends with each one of them hugging each other.