On a warm June afternoon in the city of Ninja Central, two best friends named Jon and Jack raced each othr on their bicycles in the local park. "Hey, Jack," Jon called to his friend. "Yeah?" he replied. "Aren't you glad that school's finally done for?" "You know it," Jack responded. "Now we can do stuff like this all the time." "Yeah," Jon said, "and this!" He threw a water balloon at Jack, starting a minor arguement between the two.

While they were talking, they didn't notice a large, ominous cloud over the city fountain. Suddenly, it began pouring rain. Jon looked up and said, "A storm? Didn't see this coming..." "Look over there, dude!" Jack shouted, while pointing at the fountain. Many dark creatures were falling from the cloud. Some had swords and other weapons, and were attacking some of the civilians. "Now that's just messed up," Jon muttered. Suddenly, he noticed a light at the center of the cloud. A golden beam was fired, and most of the darkness fled, but some remained.

A large shadow creature was running through the park, knocking everyone away. He looked like one of the biggest of all. He looked like he was headed for Jon and Jack, so they ran. Suddenly, they found a small creature on the ground, and it looked hurt. Jon bent down and picked it up. It looked like it was some kind Not the kind they draw with the five points, but a real star. "Please..." it moaned. "Stop the Sword Shadow..." "What?" Jack said. "It wants us to? We're kids!" "Dude, remember? We're like total ninjas! All that karate training stuff has finally found its purpose!" "All right then," Jack said. "Let's take this thing down!"

After defeating the Giant Sword Shadow, it vanished into thin air. The boys breathed heavily. "That was some fight," Jon said. They looked at the ground where the shadow was. It had left a sword and a pair of daggers when it died. "Hey Jack," Jon said, "want a ninja weapon?" "You're saying to take the stuff?" Jack replied. "Isn't that like stealing?" "Not if the owner died," Jon said. "Yes," a rather familiar voice said. "Take the weapons, Jon and Jack." The injured star creature from before began floating. "For you two are destined to save your town and the entire world."

"Huh?" Jack said. "Why us?" "A shadow demon named Shadron has come to this Earth. Him and his army of shadow beings. They plot to take over the entire universe, and without your strength, he will succeed. He also requires the assistance of us Starmies." "So you're a Starmie," Jon clarified, "Shadron's some evil shadow, and he wants to rule the universe?" "And you must stop him," the Starmie finished. "My name is Brite, and I am a co-leader of the Starmies. We must hurry; Shadron is located at the fountain!"

When they made their way to the fountain after fighting a few Shadows, they met Shadron. "So, this is my competition," he said in a deep voice. "Interesting. Well, as Brite has told you, I am Shadron. Leader of the shadows! I have come to rule your world and plunge it into a shadowy darkness. Now, if you plan on stopping me...well, let's see what you've got!"

They defeated Shadron, but he wasn't dead, like the Sword Shadow they dueled with earlier. "It's hard to call you a king," Jack said. "Yeah, you're pretty weak," Jon said. "Bah!" Shadron roared. "You stupid ninjas have bested me this time! But just you wait! I'll stop you soon!" And then he teleported away. "Ninjas?" Jon asked Brite. "Yes, it is in your fate to become true ninjas. Here are your official ninja uniforms." They put them on, and Jack said, "Hey, looking sweet, Jon!" "Please, call me NinJon," he said. "Catchy," Jack said. "I'll be NinJack too. So...what do we do now, Brite?" "Explore the city for a while, and talk to some Starmies. I will summon you when your first adventure is prepared."

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