This is a list of all the enemies in Quest of the Ninja.

Image Name Description
Shadow Shadows are the simplest enemies in the whole game. They are very common enemies. They just move around and sometimes try to jump on you or turn invisible.
Dark Shadow Dark Shadows are improved versions of Shadows. They can punch and run faster than normal Shadows. They are also very common.
Sword Shadow As the name implies, it is a shadow with a sword. He swings the sword at you, trying to harm you. He is also rather common.
Robo-Fighter Let's not forget that Shadron is part robot! Robo-Fighters wheel around, trying to shoot lasers at you. They are rather fast and are more powerful than Shadows.
Dark Robo-Fighter These guys are dark versions of the robots! They are quicker and pack a bigger punch than normal Robo-Fighters.
Flite Flites are fanged little winged creatures that fly around, throwing their little claw points at you. They are also rather common.
Dark Flite Dark Flites are improved versions of Flites. They fly around much quicker, and shoot longer and more powerful claw points.
Expla-Boomer Expla-Boomers are these bomb creatures that run around, trying to blow you up. If you anger them or hit them with fire, they eventually blow up.
Dark Expla-Boomer These guys are improved versions of Expla-Boomers. They run faster and have a much more powerful explosion.
Bush Hider A little creature that hides in bushes and trees. When you walk by, they leap out and attack you.
Flowra Flowras are plants that look like sunflowers, but are evil! They reach out their leafy arms, grab you, and shake you around. They also shoot seeds.
Trick Tree A Trick Tree has a little prize or item on the top of him, but once you start climbing, it throws you down! Once you defeat it, you can grab the prize since the tree goes back to normal.
Boss Guards Whenever you fight any type of boss, these little guys run around, trying to stop you. They don't have arms, so they just run into you, trying to knock you back.
Morph Morphs are these cute little blob things that tun into any enemy you've met. You just defeat them like you would with that enemy.
Dark Morph Dark Morphs turn into a dark version of any enemy you've met so far.
Cactron Cactrons are robotic cacti that shoot needles at you when you approach it.
Sand Slipper A Sand Slipper is a flat creature that swirls around in the sand. When you are under it, it leaps out and grabs you.
Bubber Bubbers are bubble creatures in water areas. They spit water at you when you come near.
Shrak They may be blind, but they can smell you! Shraks swim towards you, biting and swimming as fast as possible.

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