NinJack walked over to Brite and asked, "Hey, is our first mission ready yet?" "Yes," she replied. "While Shadron may have retreated, his army did not. Our main task at the moment is to stop this army before they destroy your entire hometown of Ninja Central. First we must find the main way they are traveling here..."

After wandering around the city for a while, they spotted a portal above the tallest building in the city. There they spotted Shadron's minions all crawling out and either jumping or flying over to the main fountain. There it looked like a shadow, a little smaller than Shadron, was giving out orders. The shadows saluted, and marched around the city. "That must be their current leader," NinJon whispered. "We should stop him first," Brite said. The two friends nodded and ran over to the shadow.

"You must be the two children that Captain Shadron warned me about," the shadow said. "My name is Sir Darknite, and I am Shadron's assistant. He has ordered me to stop you two, so that's exactly what I'll do! He pulled out a scythe, and NinJon said, "Jack, this is our first real fight!" "Yeah," NinJack responded. "I can't wait to destroy him like we did that other shadow!"

When he was defeated, Darknite looked at NinJon and said, "You have potential to become the biggest threat to the shadow race. I look forward to battling you two again." He created a portal and escaped. The shadows remained, however."That was some battle, dude," NinJon said. "Yeah, but we've got another problem," Jack said. "The army remains," Brite said cautiously. "There must be someone else commanding them..." Then they spotted a large mechanical dragon flying around, shouting out orders. "That's the Mecha-Dragon," Brite gasped. "A machine that Shadron created long ago. We must destroy it." "All right," NinJack said. "Let's go fight this thing!"

When the dragon was defeated, it fell to the ground and exploded. All of the shadows retreated to other parts of the world. "We did it!" NinJon shouted. "We completed our first mission!" "It is now safe to remain in Ninja Central for the time being, but soon we must head to the grass world. That is where most of the Amy is currently located." "Right on!" NinJon shouted. "Let's go, Jack!"

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