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Quest of the Ninja
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Summer of 2015
1/2-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, 3D
Quest of the Ninja is the first game in NinJon's series developed by Electric Enterprises. It is planned for the 3DS, and a release during the 2015 summer. This game is planned to be a 3D game similar to Kid Icarus: Uprising and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

Not much is really revealed yet, but you can find more details in the upcoming E3 presentation from Electric Enterprises.


  • Circlepad = Move (Hold/Flick to Dash)
  • 3DS A Button = Jump
  • 3DS B Button = Jump
  • 3DS X Button = Attack (Element)
  • 3DS Y Button = Short-Range Attack
  • 3DS L Button = Move Camera
  • 3DS R Button = Move Camera
  • 3DS Stylus = Target Enemies
  • 3DS Start Button3DS Select Button = Menu
  • 3DS D-Pad = Long-Range Attack


Quest of the Ninja is sort of a combination of bits and pieces from both Kid Icarus: Uprising and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The hub, Ninja Central, is where you go after you complete almost every chapter. In the central, you can talk to residents, buy useful items from shops, and, of course, visit different worlds and chapters. Many items, such as Power-Ups, can be found along your journey by being hidden or dropped by enemies, but you can buy other items as well. There are Badges, which change your stats and power, Potions, which have special limited effects, Power-Ups, that can help you fight or find hidden areas, and Ultimate, which have a unique, amazing power. It is also possible to gain new weaponry and attacks throughout the game.

In each chapter, there is a Mid-Boss and a Big Boss. If you revisit chaters, you may even find an Ultra Boss, a boss that is found in a secret area of the chapter! Similar to Kid Icarus: Uprising, there is commentary in the chapters. In the hub, Ninja Central, there is no commentary. You can also target enemies using the stylus and tapping them on the touch screen.

There is also an assortment of Trophies throughout the game. If you collect one, you may view it, read a description about it, and turn the thing around to get a good look at it. Collecting Trophies improve specific stats, but each imporves your Luck stat.

There is a feature known as the Power Bar. When you attack enemies, the bar fills up slightly more. When the bar is full, NinJon is able to preform an Ultra Attack, which, if done properly, can defeat every enemy on the screen!


Story Mode

In the main mode of the game, go through chapter after chapter collecting Crystal Diamonds. You can duel with bosses, find hidden areas, beat up enemies, and finally defeat Shadron!

Battle Blast Mode

In an arena found in Ninja Central, you can test you skill against  enemies that you choose. You can choose up to five enemies  to fight against. You may also pick what weapons and items to use in battle.

Multiplayer Rumble Mode

In Multiplayer Rumble, you fight up to three other people in the arena. It's a death match to see who kills whom first. At the start, you can choose up to three items to have stored to use in battle. Your character is a Mii of your choice, equipped in ninja attire. Everyone else chooses Guest Miis. You can choose to have either a Free For All, 2-on-2, or a 1-on-3 battle. You can also choose what weapon to use in battle.

Boss Blitz Mode

In Boss Blitz Mode, you fight against every single boss there is! At the end, you fight Shadron Spirit, who is always fought last. After completing it the first time, you unlock the option of battling the Powered Bosses, three bosses that are more powered up than usual. You can choose to fight either Mid-Bosses or Big Bosses.



Image Name Description
NinJon The hero of the game, NinJon is on a mission to stop the shadow army. With a handy sword, plenty of training, and the power to control the elements, NinJon is prepared to stop them!
NinJack NinJack is NinJon's best friend with a similar backstory to Jon and the same amount of training. He has as great a desire to stop the Shadow Army as NinJon, and will always be by his side. Jack can control elements like Jon, and weilds a dagger instead of a sword.
Shadron The main villain of the game, Shadron is part robot and part shadow. As leader of the Shadow Army, he sends many monsters out to stop NinJon.
Brite Brite is the leader of the Starmies, the exact opposite of the shadows. Rescued by NinJon in the beginning of the game, she gives her support throughout the entire game.
Quen Starlight The ancestor of Brite who was once the leader of the Starmies until she perished. She is revived using the collected power of the Crystal Diamonds and gives her power to Jon and Jack.
The Master Warrior The Master Warrior is, as his name implies, is the master of warriors. He trained and housed Jon and Jack in the beginning of the game, and ends up returning to help in the final chapter of the game.


There are all sorts of items you can find or buy throughout the game. There are potions, power-ups, and even some badges. You may find some other rare ones along the way, too...


Image Name Description
Health Potion The Health Potion boosts everyone's health by five. It is possible to upgrade this potion many times to boost the amount of health it gives you. The maximum health it gives is 50. Yup, that's powerful!
Repeated Health Potion The Repeated Health Potion continually boosts NinJon's health by three. An upgraded version gives him five, then seven, and so on all the way to fifteen. This one is useful in a mob of enemies or boss fight.
Mega Heart Potion With this potion, your health becomes entirely full! It is sometimes found before a boss area, or maybe just a tough room.
Torch Potion The Torch Potion is so spicy, you both breath fire and can throw fireballs! Your speed also becomes about twice as high. This is useful in icy areas where secrets are encased in crystals.
Freeze Potion Everything around you becomes frozen, including enemies, which are encased in blocks of ice. What can be better? With this, you can skate on the ground, boosting your speed if done properly. Run into crystals (and enemies) to destroy 'em.
Blast Potion After you drink the Blast Potion, you soar like a rocket into the clouds, where you have a limited time to collect items that are rather rare in other places, and either save them or use them now.


Image Name Description Rarity
Spring Shoes The spring shoes let the player jump super high. They are usually found near high ledges and can also be used to kill winged enemies. Uncommon.
Defender's Shield The Defender's Shield is a giant shield that lets you block almost any attack for a limited time. Flames, ice, and airborne attacks can eventually wear it down, though. Common.
Fusion Pot The Fusion Pot is used to mix two items or objects together and have something brand new! This is sometimes needed to create a key to open a door, or just to have fun mixing a Torch Potion with Spring Shoes. Very Uncommon.
Vanish Cape While wearing this cape, you are invisible to enemies for an amount of time. A dim outline of you is shown for obvious reasons. However, the cape does not fool bosses. Rare
Slam Hammer There are many large and important buttons throughout the game that the normal hammer can't push. But the Slam Hammer sure takes care of that! This mega-sized hammer can also kill enemies. Uncommon.
Bonus Heart By gaining a bonus heart, your maximum health boosts up by five. There is a total of twenty in the game, and each are hidden in secret or sometimes seemingly obvious places. Rare
Weapon Powder If you sprinkle some Weapon Powder onto one of your weapons, the object goes into its Ultimate Weapon form! These are a gigantic form of a weapon, that can kill almost any enemy and badly damage most bosses. Very rare.
Miniature Boomerangs These are small versions of boomerangs. Fling it, kill an enemy, and it flies back to you for one more use. Very uncommon


There is a bunch of bosses in this game, two in every chapter. There is a mid-boss, who you fight somewhere around the middle, and a Big Boss, bosses you fight at the end.


Image Name Chapter Description
Giant Sword Shadow Prologue The Dark Sword Shadow is the first and easiest boss in the game. He is a large Sword Shadow that you fight. He can sometimes become invisible, making it hard for you to find him. The way to stop him is by running up and punching and kicking him, since you have not gained your sword yet.
Sir Darknite (1st Fight) Chapter 1 Sir Darknite is Shadron's second-in-command. When Shadron commanded him to go stop NinJon and NinJack, of course he obeyed. To attack, Darknite uses his signature scythe to slash and cut you. He can also vanish and appear somewhere you don't expect. To defeat him, just lunge at him with your sword or daggers three times.
Chapter 2
Arctic Demon Chapter 3 The Arctic Demon is a monster that Shadron created at the Snowbound Palace, made of ice and snow. To attack, he can shoot icicles at you, as well as form gigantic snowballs to throw. To defeat him, use NinJon's recently gained Fire element to melt him enough until he is gone.
Chapter 4

Big Bosses

Image Name Chapter Description
Shadron (1st form) Prologue This first battle with Shadron is a good time to practice your skills with the sword and daggers you earned. The shadow can teleport around the arena, making him hard to catch. When he stops to take a breath, run up and hit him. He then knocks you back and gets both faster and stronger. Repeat the cycle two more times to defeat him.
Mecha-Dragon Chapter 1 The Mecha-Dragon is a mechanical dragon that Shadron himself invented. To attack, he shoots fire and can stomp on you and throw bombs. In order to defeat him, you have to climb to the highest building in Ninja Central and jump onto him. Then slash at his neck multiple times to have him malfunction and fall to the ground. When he lands, he powers back up and the process must repeat two more times.
Chapter 2
The Avalauncher Chapter 3 The Avalauncher is a beast formed from the remains of the Arctic Demon, but powered up with a Crystal Diamond. To attack, he summons huge avalanches to tr to crush you. However, like the Arctic Demon, you can weaken him with the element of Fire. However, this won't kill him. You must also launch rocks and boulders at him to stop him once and for all.
Shadron (2nd Form) Chapter 4 Shadron is back and ready to rumble. With the power of the third Crystal Diamond, he entered his second form. His battle is similar to his first, he teleports around the island and tries to hit you. Use NinJack's new element of water to splash powerful waves onto him before he attacks you. Hit him three times with powerful waves to retrieve the diamond.


Throughout the game, Shadron sends out many, many enemies to try and stop NinJon. This is a list of all the enemies and what they do.

Main article: Enemies


Throughout the game, by doing certain tasks you gain achievements. These also have special rewards to them.

Icon Name How to Earn Reward
Shadow Smasher Icon Shadow Smasher Kill 200 Shadows of any kind. Unlock the Shadow trophy.
The Non-Rise of Darkness Kill 150 Dark enemies. Unlock a trophy of Hayden, Aiden, and The Darkness.
Mr. Moneybags Spend 2,000 coins. Trophy of shopkeeper.
Halfway Quested Gain three Crystal Diamonds, reaching the halfway mark in the game. Upgrade all weapons to a higher level (if highest, then boosting power and accuracy).
Crystal Craze Collect every Crystal Diamond in the game. Bronze save file and 250 coins
Shadron's Last Stand Defeat Shadron in his final form. Silver save file and 500 coins.
Secrets Unveiled Complete the secret world. Golden save file, 1,000 coins, and a golden trophy of every main character in the game.


There are many trophies that you earn along your journey. Once you earn one, it has a brief description and a reward.

Main article: Trophies


  • Main Theme:
    QotN Main Theme
Electric Enterprises
Active projects Rocky's Super Smash Bros. 1st Priority

Epic Warriors 2nd Priority

Nintendo RACEWAY 3rd Priority

Paper Luigi: The Watch of Eternity '4th Priority

Bagon Bacon: The Game 5th Priority

Complete projects Cube Hoppers
Projects on Hiatus Koopa Farm

Super Mario Dimensional

Yoshi Quest 3D

Quest of the Ninja

Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions

Turtweeg in ZupaDupaWerld

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Kalos Camp

Mushroom Melee

Kirby 3DS

Mario Kart Accelerated

Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo

Super Mario: Galactic Journey

Jack Hammer

Projects to Give Away Yoshi Kart: Eggstraveganza!

Cheese Cryptors

Projects Cancelled Darmanitan Slam Party

Gumball & Mint: The Golden Chocolates

Bacon Warriors

Elite Fighters

Projects Planned NinJon 2

Return of the Epic Warriors


Animal Crossing: U Play (tentative title)


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