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Quest of the Misfits is an action-RPG that takes heavy inspiration from The Legend of Zelda's item-based puzzles and open-world adventuring. It is a spinoff of Fantendo - Misfits, and nearly all of the main characters of the game are characters from that series. It is also Monstermanchego's entry for TheFoxyRiolu's Crossover Swap 2016 competition, and is a crossover between the Legend of Zelda series and the Misfits series.


Name Description

Aran Leverletto
A self-taught engineer with a bionic arm and a team of weirdos. He's often considered the leader of the Misfits. He's incredibly thick-skulled and short-tempered, but he means well, and usually has the safety of others in mind.

Aran is the sole playable character of the game. He primarily wields his mechanical arm in battle, but can use more specialized gadgets to solve puzzles and defeat more powerful enemies.


Melissa Dust
A young woman whose body was subjected to experimentation. As a result, she is made up of dust-like Cyrilian particles, which she can freely manipulate. She's much calmer than Aran, but tends towards incredibly strong language.

Melissa acts primarily as the "Navi" of the game. She is always with Aran as a cloud of Cyrilians, and can offer hints, advice, and reminders when prompted to do so. As long as you don't mind the swearing...


A half-dog half-extraterrestrial generic hybrid, and a former lab rat like Melissa. He's most famous for his incredible agility, hyperactive personality, and irresistible cuteness. I mean, just look at that face!!
A tomboyish Magma Sentinel with unmatched skill at archery and a horrible sense of comedic timing. She used to fight alongside King Ash himself, and once worked with him and Aran to round up some lost Magma Clusters.

Jared Orlevo Misfits

Jared Orlevo


Name Description
Bionic Arm Aran's defining feature. He's almost never seen without it! Though it has plenty of extra features that can be tapped into at a moment's notice, it finds most use as Aran's go-to weapon when facing hostile forces.

The Bionic Arm is the first item the player has, and can be used from the start.

Needlegun An upgrade for Aran's Bionic Arm that allows him to fire spikes from it like a crossbow. The Needlegun combines damage with precision, and is ideal for picking off distant foes.

The Needlegun can be built in the Giant's Grove dungeon.

Grapple Beam An upgrade for Aran's Bionic Arm that allows him to use it as a tractor beam of sorts. It can pull armor off foes or trigger distant switches. It can even pull Aran to distant points, with the right leverage!

The Grapple Beam can be built in the Murk Sewers dungeon.

Flamethrower An upgrade for Aran's Bionic Arm that allows him to torch foes and melt ice with bursts of searing fire. The Flamethrower is especially useful in colder areas, where enemies are vulnerable to fire damage.

The Flamethrower can be built in the Nightmare Keep dungeon.

Orbital Field An upgrade for Aran's Bionic Arm that allows him to create a gravitational pull that causes small objects to get pulled into orbit around him. Good for staying mobile while carrying objects, or shielding oneself.

The Orbital Field can be built in the Junkyard Fortress dungeon.

Vacuum An upgrade for Aran's Bionic Arm that allows him to... uh, vacuum. Not only does it eat up dust and make things look nice, but it can also pull in distant objects and clear away noxious fumes!

The Vacuum can be built in the S.S. Cumulus dungeon.

Holo Gauntlet An upgrade for Aran's Bionic Arm that allows him to create a holographic shield to protect him from certain frontal hazards and refract beams of light. Hopefully Rachel doesn't mind...

The Holo Gauntlet can be built in the Tambourine Tower dungeon.

Rolling Cog An upgrade for Aran's Bionic Arm that allows him to summon a giant gear to slowly roll forwards. He can walk behind the gear to protect himself from projectiles, or punch it into machinery to activate certain effects.

The Rolling Cog can be built in the Below the Crust dungeon.

Hazmat Suit There are some spots in the game that are just too toxic for unprotected humans. That's where the Hazmat Suit comes in handy. With it, you can pass through poisonous gases or liquids unharmed.

The location of the Hazmat Suit has not yet been revealed.

Lunchboxes Collectible "Team Unten" aluminum lunchboxes. They may not look like much, but you can store snacks in them to restore health in a pinch. You can also carry small animals and other odds and ends in lunchboxes.

There are six Lunchboxes scattered throughout the game, and only two are required to beat the game.


Name Description
Below the Crust An underground network of lava-flooded passages that used to be inhabited by Magma Sentinel miners. It was abandoned after they dug too deep and woke up some ancient and primal monsters in the process.

The boss of the Below the Crust dungeon is the Corrupt Magma Sovereign, Irena.

Giant's Grove An orchard of massive fruit trees cultivated by a greedy and territorial colossus. The insides of these trees are crawling with giant-sized and oddly sapient parasites.

The boss of the Giant's Grove dungeon is the Titan of the Grove, Dion.

Junkyard Fortress A DIY castle built by a massive gang of anarchists known simply as the Trashmen. Their fortress is built out of trashed laboratory gear, and is constantly on the verge of collapse.

The boss of the Junkyard Fortress dungeon is the Trashmen's Head Honcho, Scrapper.

Murk Sewers A labyrinth of foul-smelling tunnels that are blocked from public access by toxic fumes. All sorts of strange and creepy creatures can be found down here, and the majority are hostile.

The boss of the Murk Sewers dungeon is the Starved Sewer Mutant, Boglorne.

Nightmare Keep A fortress that exists solely in the depths of the subconscious. It's filled with spectral imaginings of the visitor's darkest thoughts and desires, so steel your nerves before entering.

The boss of the Nightmare Keep dungeon is the Twisted Puppet Mistress, Mesirra.

S.S. Cumulus A giant windmill-power airship that was abandoned by civilization nearly a century ago. Powerful gusts and miniature tornadoes threaten to push off those that dare to explore it.

The boss of the S.S. Cumulus dungeon is the Automated Airborne Guardian, Aerien.

Tambourine Tower A skyscraper filled with condominiums for the most affluent people on Earth. There's a lot worth protecting in here, so the security is naturally going to be top-of-the-line.

The boss of the Tambourine Tower dungeon is the Security Computer System, Direwall.

Ragnarok Engine An extradimensional machine built to predict the moment of, and count down to, the end of reality; but in the wrong hands, it could also be the reason reality ends in the first place...!


  • Unlike most Zelda games, navigating through a dungeon and defeating its boss does not require that specific dungeon's item if the player is creative or clever enough. For example, puzzles built for the Needlegun from Giant's Grove may just as easily be solved with the Orbital Field or Holo Gauntlet, and one can enter the Murk Sewers without the Hazmat Suit by using the Vacuum.
  • It is hinted in some dialogue and hidden bits of writing carved into the walls of the Murk Sewers area that its boss, Boglorne, is an "aborted embryo" of a Terran Beorn, similarly to the Spewage Beast from Beorn Hallow and the Bogleech from Xerra: The Last Beorn. Its mismatched collection of features, its near-constant hunger, and its underground dwelling all support this possibility.