Quest of World's End is a community project similar to the massive Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!! story. Please see this page for more information.


Many years ago, when the Fantendoverse was young, a deep darkness settled over the land, and evil reigned over the Users for a while. Finally, a group of six Users stood up against the darkness, and using their inherent creative powers to their advantage, the six heroes crafted mighty weapons and waged a long war against the evil army. Countless normal users were slain by banhammer-wielding Trolls, and others fell victim to Hackers and Sockers, but ultimately the King of Evil himself was confronted and imprisoned within a Soul Stone; a mystical device capable of sealing the very essence of a person. The heroes, through with war, sealed themselves away in Soul Stones, which were then hidden in a vault of Fantendo Castle to be guarded by King Plumber, that in the day of darkness the powers of the heroes could be bestowed upon the Users' creations again...

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