Here is a list of every single enemy in the game, Quest for Planet Veenic, including bosses.

Normal Enemies

Image Name Description Life bar First seen at
Happee A cheerful creature that's always happy. They once lived peacefuly with the humans and helped them with their every-day life, but they were brainwashed by the Deevils. Because of that, they moved out of the cities. They are the weakest and most common enemies, only needing one hit to be killed. Short World 1-1
Happee-Copter A Happee with a dream of being able to fly, so Proffesor Satastein (the famous Deevil proffesor) attached propellers on their heads. They're still pretty weak, though. Short World 1-2
Bouncy Happee
Bouncy Happee It's a kind of Happee that was born with a mutation that gave it a spring tail instead of feet. That way, it bounces around instead of walking. Short World 1-2
Mega-Happe It's a VERY, but VERY VERY big kind of Happee that's also much stronger compared to all the other species of Happees. Long World 1-3
Wheelee A mechanized Happee that has wheels instead of feet, allowing it to move much faster. Due to this, if it bumps into you, it deals more damage. Short World 2-1
Summertime Happee A cool and collected kind of Happee that just wants to enjoy some summer vacation. You can normally spot them on the beach, wearing sunglasses, barely moving at all, making it the easiest enemy to kill. Short World 3-1
Scubb-ee Scubb-ees are a Happee subspecies that are specialized in swimming. Actually, not really, because it just floats in one spot all day. Short World 3-4
Rockhead Happee
Rockhead Happee Happee made of rock-hard rock, that's normally found in mountainous areas. You can't stomp on it, because it's so hard that it acts like a solid platform! Medium World 5-1
Shadee Happee that has consumed dark energy, transforming it to this thing! They're like normal Happees, but just like Deevils, they start chasing you! However, it's slower than a Deevil. Long World 6-1
Deevil Deevils are demon-like creatures that Hatross created to conquer the world (well, at least try to). When they see you, they start chasing you! Medium World 1-1
Scared Deevil
Scared Deevil Scared Deevils are attempts to making Deevils gone wrong. They are blue and instead of running towards you, they run away from you! Their life bar is also shorter. Short World 1-3
Deevil-mobile A Deevil in a car that drives around. That is, of course, until it sees you, because when it does that, it will start chasing you! You can't attack them when their in the car, but when they start chasing you, lure them to a wall, so that when it hits it, the car is destroyed, and it turns into a normal Deevil (That's your chance to attack it!). Medium (Once you destroy the car) World 2-1
Deceivon Deevil that has consumed more dark energy than it was supposed to, thus making it faster and more powerful! Not only that, but it can mapulate nuclear energy, and can shoot noxious gas at you! (idea by OrangeCreamPuff) Long World 7-1
Skirel Skirels are mischevous squirrel like enemies that throw acorns at the player. If you defeat them, you can use the acorn they were holding as a weapon. Short World 1-5
Lock-On Skirel
Lock-On Skirel

A stronger Skirel with a red bamdana whose acorns follow the player.

Medium World 1-6
Winged Skirel
Winged Skirel A Skirel with wings that follows you around. It also has a blue bandana, and you can still use it's acorn. (idea by OrangeCreamPuff). Short World 1-5
Acorn pinata
Acorn Pinata A big acorn cursed with dark energy that attacks you by swinging in circles. When you defeat it, you get a rare version of the acorn, that deals more damage to enemies (idea by OrangeCreamPuff). Long World 1-5
Fake acorn pinata
Fake Acorn Pinata An acorn pinata that has consumed more dark energy than it was supposed to and, instead of an acorn, a bunch of Skirels attack you (idea by OrangeCreamPuff)! Long World 1-6
Burnin' Burn
Burnin' Burn Some fire that Hatross has gave life to take over the world along with the Deevils. N/A World 1-S
Scorchin' Scorch
Flamin' Flame A stronger Burnin' Burn that's invincible. N/A World 1-S
Spidey A spider that hangs on branches and comes down if the player gets near it. Short World 1-6
Arachknight Spidey in a luxurious knight armor that also attacks you with a sword. Its stronger, but it's also slower (Idea by OrangeCreamPuff) Long World 1-S
Spookee The souls of dead creatures that roam around in normally spiritual places. Since it's already dead, you can't kill it, but if you hit it with a weapon, it dissapears, and then reappears after a few seconds. N/A World 1-6
Skerr Spookee with a rather mischievous personality. When it sees you, it dissapears, and then it scares you from your back! That'l make you shocked, and unable to move for a few seconds. The only way to find out if a Skerr is gonna prank you or not is if there's a white shadow moving towards you. N/A World 3-6
Dog-Cop An anthromogorphic German Shepherd police dog that serves justice to the city! Well, not anymore, because they've been brainwashed by the Deevils, so they just chase everybody, try to shoot 'em, and then arrest them! Not sure how you're gonna arrest someone that you shot, but anyway... Medium World 2-1
Elite Dog Cop
Elite Dog-Cop It's everything you'd expect from a Dog-Cop, but more! This kind of Dog-Cop runs faster, shoots faster and it damages you more and it has a longer life bar! Long World 2-3
TBA Flooter Flooter is a flower-like creature corrupted with dark energy. Once a gardener's favourite became a gardener's worst nightmare. It stays rooted on one spot, and shoots seeds at you if you get close enough! Short World 1-3
TBA Moving Flooter Flooter that can walk and move around. That's it. Short World 1-5
TBA Gargantuan Flooter A gigantic and very fierce and dangerous carnivorous plant who you'd never want to encounter! If you get close enough, it'll shoot "seeds" at you which explode when it touches the floor, sometimes spawining another Flooter! If you get even closer, it'll try and eat you alive! Overall, this enemy is one big threat and is not a plant you'd like to encounter... Long World 1-6
TBA Moling A tiny mole-like enemy that used to like to build things and help man-kind with construction projects, but now that it has been brainwashed by the Deevils, it just likes to destroy everything with its drill helmet! Medium World 1-4


Image Name Description Mini-Boss of
King Joy
King Joy The king of all Happees, and the most powerful of its species. He's normally very kind and friendly to visitors, but since the Deevils brainwashed him, he's not so friendly anymore... He'll perform many attacks involving him and his cheerful minions. His final attack is jumping very high to stomp you (You can easily dodge it because you can see his shadow), and if he missses, he gets dizzy, and that's your chance to attack! World 1
TBA Electro-Cop A mutant Dog-Cop that was just supposed to be guarding the prison, but then, thanks to Dr. Satastein, was turned into this abomination. Not only that, but his weapons have upgraded too, know able to shoot giant electric bullets at you, and he's very aggresive! He'll attack you with his weapons a few times, and if you dodge his attacks enough, he'll get angry and charge towards you. Lure him to the wall so he gets dizzy, and ATTACK! If you want to deal some extra damage, lure him to the walls covered with electric cables to electrocute him! World 2
World 3
World 4
World 5
World 6
World 7