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Quest for Planet Veenic is a 3D platformer game which will be released for the Wii UPlay Station 4 and the XBOX One. It will be released at December 7th.


When opening the Main Menu, there are 5 files to save data. You can delete the saved data by pressing a little Trash can icon on the side. There are lots of Point Tokens in this game, which you can collect to buy items at the Item Shop. Item Shops are normally found before Boss Fights or special parts of some levels. They can also be found at checkpoints. The player can change it's character before starting each level and also in the middle of levels in Switch Pads. They are always found near Item Shops and at checkpoints. In the levels, each enemy has a short life bar. You can't stomp on enemies, or if not, you'll take damage. You have to attack them. Each playable character has their own Life, Power, Defense and Speed. The more Life stat a character has, the longer the character's life bar will be. The more Power a character has, the more damage the character's attacks will deal. The more defense a character has, the less damage it will deal when attacked. The more Speed a character has, the faster it will walk or run. There will be 9 explorable worlds (including the Bonus world), 53 levels (including the tutorial level) and 15 boss fights. There will be a Power Bar, which fills as you attack enemies. When the Power Bar is full, you can unleash Super-Attacks,a super-powerful attack that normally KO enemies. Each character has a different one. In each level, there are 5 Joy Medals. They are normally in well hidden places, or aren't hidden, but are challenging to get. If you collect them all, you will have access to the final world in the game, a bonus world.


There are different controls depending on wihich system you play the game. 

Quest for Planet Veenic
Developer(s) Omega-Sun Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Play Station 4, XBOX1
Genre(s) 3D Platformer, Adventure, Action
Release Date(s)
-Japan: 28th October 2016

-America: 14th November 2016

-Rest of the World: 28th November 2016

Cost 54 dollars

Wii U

  • Left stick:​ Change camera view
  • Right stick: Walk (Y+Right stick to run)
  • A button: Jump (Twice to double-jump) /Interact
  • B button: Duck
  • X button: Attack
  • Y button: Special ability
  • Start: Pause
  • R, L, ZR and ZL: Change camera view


  • Left stick: Change camera view
  • Right stick: Walk
  • X button: Jump (twice to double-jump) / Interact
  • Circle: Duck
  • Square: Attack
  • Triangle: Special ability
  • R. L: Change camera view
  • Back button: Change camera view 180 degrees.


  • Left stick: Change camera view
  • Right Stick: Walk (B+ Right Stick to run)
  • X button: Jump (twice to double jump)
  • A button: Duck
  • Y button: Attack
  • B button: Special ability
  • LT, RT, LB, RB, L, R: Change camera view


"Millions of years ago, there was a planet called Earth (Yes. The main story takes place in the future). It was inhabited by creatures called humans, and other animals and plants. One day, a demon with great power, called Hatross, has absorbed the Earth's life source so he can create his own dimention, full of Deevils and Shadow Creatures. The humans noticed and got in little space shuttles and escaped from the planet. Some animals also got into the Space Shuttles, but not all of them, unfortunately. The astronauts which were controlling the Space Shuttles could have gone to Mars, but they have blasted in a random direction and they didn't know where Mars was. Years later, they found a planet called Veenic C86B (mostly reffered as just "Veenic"). They landed on there, and there was lots of oxygen there, so they didn't have to wear Space suits. The humans started building cities, and the animals evolved and learned to talk and how to stand up, and teamed up with the humans. The planet also contained lots of other bizzare cratures. And this, is where our story begins" (The voice that plays before the title screen appears) 
Planet Veenic

Planet Veenic, orbiting a red star.


"Once upon a time, there was this planet called Veenic. The world was inhabited by many creatures, like humans, anthromogorphic animals and many more species. Everyone lived in peace and harmony, until one day, parts of the world's life energy has been gone. No one knew why, and goverments started to investigate. Little by little, more places have lost their life energy, until they found out who was the culprit. It was Hatross, ruler of the Underworld. He wanted to create his own dimension, and in order for that to happen, he needed to absorb the Universe's life energy. Kyle, an anthromogorphic cat, has watched the news on TV, explaining about Hatross being the culprit of the life energy's loss. Kyle called his friends, David, Silvia  , Skye and Bob and they set out on a journey to stop Hatross." (The voice that plays when you start a New Game)

Game Modes




(Click on the images to have a better view of them)

Image Name Descriprion Stats Super-Attack Weapon Unlocking criteria
Kyle the Cat
Kyle the Cat Kyle the Cat is a humanoid cat that's an expert with swords. He can also climb walls that have cat paw patterns on them. His settings are all default. Not too bad, not too good. Life:




Defense: 3/6



Mega-Blade: Kyle's sword turns into pure gold, and can KO enemies! Sword: Deals damage to an enemy in front. None
TBA David the Dog David is a chubby humanoid dog. He can also ground-pund, resulting in being the only character that can stomp on enemies without taking damage. Life:


Power: 6/6





Doggyquake: When Dog-Dog groundpounds, he will create an earthquake, killing enemies nearby and destroying blocks! Gun: The closer you are to an enemy, the more damage this attack will deal. None
TBA Silvia the Fox Silvia can destroy blocks and hurt enemies by using her trusty flail. She can also throw her rope to reach unaccesable areas. She has the longest life bar, but attacks hurt her alot. Life:








Spin-Thorn: Sivia will spin around with her flail, and will be able to move around for half a minute, killing enemies and destroying blocks! Flail: It inflicts damage to enemies around the player. None
TBA Skye Skye is a bird that has great skills when it comes to using her bow. She can also fly, but she tires out easily, so she can only fly for a short time. Her best stat is her life stat, and her worse stat is defense, just like Silvia. Life:








Eternal flight: Skye will be able to fly for as long as the player likes. She also becomes invincible and kills enemies that touch her, like a Power Star from Super Mario! Bow: It's like the Gun that Dog-Dog has, but when you use it, you can aim propperly, but it hurts the enemy less. Complete Minigame Mode 10 times.
TBA Chris the Cat Chris is Kyle's brother. He uses the same weapon, and has the same ability. The only difference between Chris and Kyle is that Chris is grumpier, and he's grey. His stats are also different. Life:








Mega-Blade Sword Complete 10 levels playing as Kyle.
TBA Bob the Bunny Bob loves to jump, and that's pretty much his special ability. He can't double jump, but he jumps higher than the double jump. Life:








Moonjump: The player will be able to jump really high 10 times, and killing enemies that the player stomps. Spear: When you use it, you can aim where you throw it. It goes up, and comes back down. Find the hidden Carrot in World 1-2.
Mario Mario is a human that can really jump (Yes, THAT Mario). He spin-jumps instead of double jumping, meaning that he can also kill enemies while doing so, and also goes a little higher. He can also shoot fire balls. Life:








Super-Star: Mario becomes invincible for an ammount of time. Fire Balls: They defeat enemies by line of sight. Use a Mario amiibo.

Non playable

Image Name Description
Stic the Stick Man "Stic is your everyday

friendly shopkeeper! Stic

sells lots of goodies in his

stores, so make sure you get

lots of Point Tokens!"

TBA Hatross "Hatross is the game's baddie!

He wants to absorb all the

universe's life energy and create

his own demonic dimension! You

have to stop him!"

Dr. Glad
Dr. Glad "Dr. Glad is the gang's proffesor!

He may be a Happee, but he's a

good one! He built himself some

robotic arms to work with his

experiments! He was born with a

mutation that made him much

smarter than the other Happees."

Item Shop

The item shop is run by Stic, as mentioned before. In the Item Shop, he sells lots of upgrades, healing items, power-ups and more, in exchange for some Point Tokens! There are different Point Tokens, and each one has a different value. Yellow ones cost one, orange ones cost five, green ones cost 10, blue ones cost 20 and red ones cost 50. It is normally found before boss fights and at checkpoints, close to the Switch Pads. The items that he sells are the following:

Product Kind of Item Price Description
Power +1 Upgrade 250 Point Tokens An Upgrade that boosts

the player's Power stat

by 1.

Defense +1 Upgrade 250 Point Tokens An Upgrade that boosts

the player's Defense

stat by 1.

Life +1 Upgrade 250 Point Tokens An Upgrade that boosts

the player's Life stat by


Speed +1 Upgrade 250 Point Tokens An Upgrade that boosts

the player's Speed stat

by 1.

All +1 Upgrade 1000 Point Tokens An Upgrade that boosts

the player's stats each

by 1.

All +2 Upgrade 5000 Point Tokens An Upgrade that boosts

the player's stats each

by 2.

Heart Apple Healing item 50 Point Tokens An apple shaped like a

heart that fully heals the

player's Life bar.

Silver Sword Weapon 1000 Point Tokens A better version of Kyle's

weapon, the sword. It

inflicts more damage to

the enemies.

Golden Sword Weapon 3000 Point Tokens The best version of Kyle's

weapon, the sword. It

inflicts a lot of damage to

the enemies.

Shotgun Weapon 1000 Point Tokens A better version of

Dog-Dog's weapon, the gun.

It inflicts more damage to

the enemies and it reaches

further distances.

Machine Gun Weapon 3000 Point Tokens The best version of

Dog-Dog's weapon, the gun.

It inflicts lots of damage to

the enemies and it reaches

the furthest distance.

Double Flail Weapon 1000 Point Tokens A better version of Fiona's

weapon, the flail. It has 2

spiky balls that inflict more

damage to the enemies.

Cuadriple Flail Weapon 3000 Point Tokens The best version of Fiona's

weapon, the flail. It has 4

spiky balls that inflict a lot

of damage to the enemies.

Rocky Arrow Weapon
Iron Arrow Weapon
Steel Spear Weapon
Golden Spear Weapon

More coming soon...


Click here to see a list of the enemies in the game.


Click here to see a list of the cutscenes in the game.


Here are the worlds and levels that appear in the game.

World 1: Pleasant Plains

A green and peaceful valley with lots of trees. Lots of the games's mechanics are introduced in this world. Kyle's house is around there.

  • World 1-0: TUTORIAL: The tutorial level of the game. It teaches you the game's main mechanics, and makes you go through some little trials to practice them. 
  • World 1-1: Practice Plains: The first true level of the game. It's super-easy. Not only that, but the Joy Medals there are also really easy to get. 
  • World 1-2: Jump-Jump Valley: A level that takes place in a high valley. It's supposed to practice the jump and double-jump mechanic. There are also lots of gaps to jump over, and really high areas.
  • World 1-3: Blossom Meadow: A level which takes place in a field full of flowers and plants. It introduces an item, the Watering Can. It lets you pour water to be able to slow down enemies and reach unaccesasble areas. How? If you pour some water on a brown circle with a little leaf coming out of it, a giant flower can pop out, which you can use as a platform. But watch out, a Flooter could come out!
  • World 1-MINIBOSS: Vs. King Joy: The mini-boss level of World 1.
  • World 1-4: Digging Deep: A level where you have to go very deep down. It introduces a new item: The Drill. It allows you to dig, just like the Spin-Drill from Super Mario.
  • World 1-5: Woody Woods: A level in a little forest. Watch out for Skirels!
  • World 1-6: Moonlight Forest: It's Woody Woods... At night! There are lots of Spookees roaming around at night, so be careful!

World 2: Newer York

An urban city, with lots of cars, tall buildings and roads. It is the place where the rest of the gang lives.

World 3: Coral Coast

A beach, known for having the largest sand castles. The water is swarmed with dangerous sea monsters, so watch out!

World 4: Prehistoric Ruins

An island, with a temple in ruins. There is a gigantic volcano in the center.

World 5: Cookie Canyon

A mountainous area made entirely of food! Sounds yummy, right?

World 6: Shadow Valley

A darker, and distorted version of Pleasant Plains, full of shadow creatures.

World 7: The Underworld

A world, which is basically hell. It's a very hellish area, full of volcanoes, demons and lava. Eek!

World 8: Hatross's Dimension

The final world (this time for real), where you face the real Hatross. There are lots of planets and stars, all of them filled the brim with Deevils and Shadow Creatures.

World E: Extraworld

A secret world, which you can unlock by collecting every Joy Medal. It's levels are extremely hard, but there is no boss.

World S: Stic's Secret Paradise

Another secret world, which you can buy at the Item Shop for a million Point Tokens. It's levels aren't super-hard, but the boss is.

Amiibo Levels

If you play the game on the Wii U, and you use Amiibo on it, you can get some cool new worlds! If you play in the PlayStation 4 or the XBOX ONE, you can download these worlds as DLC. These worlds also have a different storyline, that Workon, the god of work, is sick of kids always playing videogames, so he teamed up with Hatross to (try to) rule the Game Dimension! Gamlord, the god of videogames, summoned the gang to stop Workon and Hatross from ruling the Game Dimension!

World A: Mushroom Kingdom

The secret world that you can unlock by using a Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, Toad or Bowser amiibo!

Level Name Description
World A-1 It's a me! A level which is different

than most levels of this

game. It's in 2-D! It's a

copy of World 1-1 from

Super Mario Bros!

World A-2 Tunnel Struggle A level which takes place

in a cave, like most of the

second levels in Mario

games! It introduces a new

power-up, the Light Cap!

It allows you to light up

dark places!

World A-3 Tower Power A level which takes place

in a tall tower! It has lots

of Skirels, which replace

Hammer Bros!

World A-MINIBOSS Boom Boom Ka-Boom! A mini-boss level where you

fight against Boom Boom.

World A-4 Fire Flower Frenzy A level which introduces a

new power-up! The

Fire Flower!

World A-5 Yoshi time!
World A-6




Amiibo Compatibility

If you play this game on the Wii U, there will be some unlockables if you use any amiibo. Here are the following ones that can be used to unlock stuff:

Mario amiibo

You unlock Super Mario as a playable character and you unlock a special world: Mushroom Kingdom

Link amiibo

You unlock Link as a playable character and you unlock a special world: Hyrule

Kirby amiibo

You unlock Kirby as a playable character and you unlock a special world: Dreamland

Pikachu amiibo

You unlock Pikachu as a playable character and you unlock a special world: Kanto Region

Sonic amiibo

A character you choose's speed becomes 6/5.

Easter Eggs

  • In Newer York, one building with a red door was accesable, and when you entered, there would be a fox, which would say: "Where is she? I need to find her!" It was only unaccesable when you played as Silvia. It is believed to be Silvia's father.
  • If you stay at the title screen for 5 minutes, the music will change.
  • If you don't move for 10 minutes, your character sits down.
  • If you climb one of the trees in World 1-5, all the colours will change until you go down again.


  • There was originally going to be a character called Chris the Cheetah, but was replaced by Chris the Cat.
  • Forezom was originally going to be called Forest Wizard, but was changed due to the more creative name.
  • It was originally planned to be a 2D platformer, but was changed to be a 3D platformer.
  • The Extra world was originally going to be called Cosmic Highway.


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