Developer(s) ApsBooProductions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
Single Player


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii U Disc
Quest is an upcoming 3 Dimensional 2014 video game for the Wii U made by ApsBooProductions.

Intro (tentative)

While searching in the woods, Zack and Shonen stumble upon a village that needs help stopping an evil spirit. As you go you will fight monsters and train to destroy the spirit known as Vuudax.


Playable Characters
Zack- P1

Speed- 5/10

Attack- 5/10

Shonen- P2

Speed- 7/10

Attack- 3/10



Zack and Shonen are at Zack's House playing video games when the power goes out. After thinking about what they want to do next, they decide to explore the forest in Zack's back yard. This is when you start playing.

After entering the forest, you will (eventually) find the Forest Village, a giant village surrounded in a wall of trees. After entering, you will learn of the evil Vuudax, lord of the Shadows, who was defeated several years ago and burried in the center of town, but the statue built on top of him is slowly being covered in darkness, and if covered all the way, it will set Vuudax free once again.

There are 2 parts to this story.

Part 1

After learning about the legend of Vuudax, you will be entrusted with the sword, Loxan. The sword grants the user (Zack and Shonen) the ability to control fire. The blade of the sword can also start on fire to cut and burn enemies. After aquiring the sword, you must ask around the village if anyone knows about stoppinng Vuudax. After learning light is his weakness, you must go to other cities and villages to learn more. At night you will have to either find an inn to sleep at or stay awake and fight night monsters. You must act quickly because after nightfall, all doors in the cities lock and you can't go in to any house or building (excluding your own.) After visiting 3 cities or villages, you will hear an earthquake. You go back to the Forest Village and find that a giant is rampaging through it. After defeating it, you see the wall around the village has been damaged, and any monsters could get in at any time. Realizing this, you must stay up 3 nights to protect the village from night monsters while the village is being put back together. Only nights, however, will you have to defend the village, you are free to do what you wish in the day. After the 3 nights, you are sent to keep gathering information about Vuudax. But as soon as you leave, you hear screams as the statue in the center of town explodes. The explosion turns the whole city black with a white outline on everything solid, and is slowly growing bigger. Figuring you must stop it before it engulfs the world, you run inside to try to stop it from the source.

Part 2

After going inside, the shadow sphere has monsters even more powerful than nighttime monsters, known as dark monsters, making getting to the center even harder to do. But after getting through many monsters and to the center, you find Vuudax, the Lord of the Shadows and the one behind this apocolypse. After a brief cutscene of Zack and Shonen trying to talk to him, Vuudax hits them with dark magic, throwing them to the other side of that world. Knowing you must stop Vuudax from overrunning the world with monsters, you go through villages normally, trying to get back to Vuudax. After visiting 5 villages, the shadow sphere can be seen crawling slowly to this part of the world. You must run toward it and keep going to see if you can find your house. Once getting to your house, you see that it is the one safe zone inside, and you go inside of it to begin training. After getting powered up, you set out to the Forest Village once again. Once you get to the center of town, you will fight Vuudax, and win, making the shadow sphere come back inside of him and sending him back below a new statue of Zack and Shonen.


A post-credits scene comes after the credits, showing the statue's bottom get covered in black goop, foreshadowing a Vuudax's possible return and sequel.

Game Mechanics

The game will be in a style similar to the older Legend of Zaelda or Pokemon games, where you move left, right, up, and down across an area of land. The day/night schedule will be similar to Minecraft, where day and night will be timed. The day/night schedule will go like this:

Day: 10 minutes

Sunset: 1 minute

Night: 10 minutes

Sunrise: 1 minute

While Day has day monsters, and night has night monsters, sunrise and sunset will be neuteral, and the enemies will not change to their day/night counterparts untill sunrise/sunset is over. (i.e. if it is sunrise, the enemy will not change back to a day monster untill sunrise is over.)

There are 2 modes, single player (SP) and multiplayer (MP) and both are played on the gamepad. The pause screen will show on the gamepad if start is pressed, but this is interchangable. The controls in these modes will be like this:

Button Useage
A Jump
B Attack
X Switch Character (SP) Nothing (MP)
Y Switch weapon
D-pad/control stick Move/search pause screen (if it isn't on the gamepad)
L Talk (only near an NPC)
R Switch the game and pause menu screens
Zl Duck
Zr Use flaming sword/arrows (depending on your weapon)
Start Pause
Select Nothing
Gamepad Screen

Pause screen(SP) Other character cameras(MP)

Game Modes

Single Player

In single player mode, you play the main storyline. After beating the game however, there is still stuff to do after beating the game. There are ministories and NPC missions you can do, but nothing overly important to the story.


In multiplayer, you play with 2-4 players in either a contest to kill the most enemies, or working together to protect the Forest Village. You will pick to play as Zack, Shonen, P3, or P4.


The Locations of Quest

Zack's House

Zack's House, and the one building that doesn't lock at night.

Forest Village

The village that you find in the forest that holds Vuudax.


Any generic shop in any city. They have more items in cities than villages.


This is where you can go to sleep. They refill more health in villages.


See a full list of enemies here (not finished yet)


Beta Element Gallery