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Queens of Liars is an upcoming Role-playing poker game created by Solarrion (tbc) for the Pacifico platform as a launch title, to be released in mid 2016. It features a girl called Prudence, who becomes obsessed with an online poker game. She learns that to win in the complicated and mischievous game of poker, she will need to master the fine arts of lie and deceit to become the best poker player in the world, and thus she unknowingly develops multiple sides to her personality, which ultimately leads to further challenges in her life beyond the video game. 


Queen of Liars works as if you were actually playing an online poker game. You play through several levels of increasingly difficult Poker games. Whilst earning cash, you also receive experience based on how well you played through the level and through your powers of deceit shown in the poker game. As you progress through the levels, you will find that the opponents become more and more intelligent, making them harder to beat and drain the cash from them. 

Chaos Chips

Chaos Chips are specialised chips which are exclusive to certain players in the poker game. They all cause different conditions to occur during poker games, which can drastically change up how the game works. Some chips have upgraded versions of themselves too.

Chip Explanation
The Balloon chip will inflate one of your cards to a higher number. 
The Bamboo Flute chip has a chance to send every player involved in the game asleep. 
The Bloom chip will create a cover over your cards, so people can't cheat by looking at them occasionally.
The Butterfly chip allows you to replace four of your cards in your hand.
The Clown chip will lessen everyone's expectations of you in the game, allowing you to make more money through winning.
The Compass chip will tell you your biggest threat out of the current players in the game.
The Death chip will allow you to remove one player from the game entirely.
The Devil chip is an upgraded version of the Death chip, and it allows you to remove three to five players from the game. 
The Fist chip allows you to "punch" a card out of anyone's hand in the game, and effectively remove that card from their hand.

Alignment Tags

Alignment Tags are the tags that are shown for different alliances in the poker game. Each alignment has a king or queen that Prudence will have to beat eventually, and when the leader is defeated, the alliance as a whole are removed from the game. 

Tag Description
The Dragon Alignment
They are a fearsome alignment who were also the first known alignment in the poker game. They are known for playing at the highest level, and have only been beaten very few times by legendary players.
LEADER: Myles_The_Great
The Eagle Alignment
The Eagles are very intimidating by look, as they all mimic eagles through making themselves look bigger than they are. While not being the best at poker, they usually scare their opponents and end up winning through that technique.
LEADER: JessicAviator

Game Modes

Story Mode

Story Mode is the main mode of the game. It works similarly to normal role-playing stories, where you can experience a cinematic kind of story with gameplay throughout. 

Free-Play Mode

Free-Play Mode is the secondary mode of the game where you can play any of the poker games without time constraints and other options in the story mode. You can also pick the difficulty of the game in this mode.


Online is a mode where you can play any of the poker games online with friends that you have registered on your Pacifico console. 

Roulette Room

Roulette Room is a mode where you can play games of Roulette with the money you've earned throughout the game. Roulette can help you to unlock new achievements you may not have yet, and other awards like Trophies which you might not have unlocked yet.

Trophy Room

Trophy Room is a room where you can view your trophies and your legacy in the game of poker. You can also set a trophy to be your prized trophy which will be shown off to other players around the world when they click on your profile.


Character Description
Prudence is the main character in Queen of Liars. In real life she would get bullied for her awkward nature, and she never had many friends, so she turned to the internet. One day she stumbled upon a new online game about poker, and she joined. She quickly found out that being a poker queen is harder than she first thought, and she would have to grow a lot through her online persona in order to become a legendary player in the game.
Myles_The_Great Leader of the Dragon Affiliation
RANK: Legendary


The game has been positively received so far, despite the lack of development in recent time.


To be added.


  • Queen of Liars is the first Poker game to be created by Solarrion (tbc).
  • The main character was originally called Arabella, but this was later changed to a more realistic name later on.
  • The title of the game was taken from a nickname that Celestia Ludenberg holds, a character from the Danganronpa franchise.


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