Queen Tayra is a Main Character in the Tak-Zac Series. She is the queen of the Ant Tribe and acts as a good friend to Tak and Zac. She also worries about Tak like a mother.

Insect Prophecy

Queen Tayra first appeared telling Tak, Zac, and Antstein that the Tarantulas are stealing the Loki Hearts and now the land is dying. The duo decide to rescue all the Hearts, much to Tarya's fear, as she worries about Tak. Despite this, Tak goes anyway and rescues all the hearts.

Later, Queen Tayra, along with the other Bug Leaders, was kidnapped by Zoster and locked up in his lair. The pair go and rescue all the leaders and Tayra, who stops worrying over Tak as she relizes he can take care of himself. After Zoster's defeat, she and the others celebrate the duo's victory.

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