Queen Solar
Queen Solar
Full Name Queen Solar
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sunshine Island
Current Status Queen
Family and Relations
Princess Morina (daughter)

Unknown husband (deceased)

Queen Solar is the mother of Princess Morina and the ruler of Sunshine Island. She hold the power and the key to her kingdom in her sun gem, which she gives to her daughter just in case of danger. She first appear in Super Mario Sunshine Island as a supporting character.


Solar is very shy and very quiet, but is very gentle and pure-hearted woman who wants what best for her daughter. Of course she can be strict and protective of her daughter and her kingdom when she needs to be, like whenever Morina goes off to the Mushroom Kingdom, she warns her to stay out of trouble or get along with others, but this is because she worries about her, however she does not understand why her daughter hates being royalty or not want take over the kingdom.

Solar 2

Solar waving at her people


Solar looks likes a mixture between Peach, Ami and Morina with soft, smooth and defined features and appear young for her age. She has sandy blond hair that tie up with three green bows and green eyes. Like her daughter, she wears a magenta dress with a new sun gem, but hers have two layers and a belt and wears red earrings. She appears to have a bit of a hourglass figure. When she loosen up her hair, it shown that her hair is very long, just like her daughter's hair.

Game Appearance

  • Super Mario Sunshine Island - Supporting character.



  • Solar's husband passed away, before Morina was born.
  • Her name was going to be Shine and she was going to be Morina's twin sister, because of her young look.
  • This used to be what Ami was going to look like.
  • Credit goes to Rickster1.