Queen Rosemarie
Queen rosemarie
The Queen of Sarasaland
Full Name Queen Rosemarie Petals


Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sarasaland
Current Status alive
Class Queen
Sarasaland, Mushroom Kingdom, Mushroom World
Family and Relations
Queen Harmony- sister

Princess Peach- Niece Princess Daisy-daughter

Music, joy, flowers, gardening, fun, her family
danger, harm to her loved ones
Ability/ies Beauitful singing voice, connections with flowers
Voice Actor(s)
Deanna Mustard
Queen Rosemarie is the Queen of Sarasaland, a good friend of the Mushroom Kingdom Family , she is the mother of Prince Darice, Princess Daisy and Princess Arbor. She first appears in Super Mario Sunshine IV: Paint Peril as a friendly NPC.


Rosemarie has been described as outgoing and adventurous, and she was quite rebellious in her youth, a trait she passed down to both of her daughters. Queen Harmony described her in childhood years as being pugnacious and determined, and that it was something she greatly admired about her.  It seems that Rosemarie's tomboy personality greatly rubbed off on Daisy.


Rosmarie bears a striking resemblance to her oldest daughter Daisy. She has a similar wide facial shape, with deep set cheeks and wide eyes. She wears a long sea light blue floorlength ballgown that is a similar style to Peach and Daisy. Her gown  features deep red panniers and a red trimmed layer that frames the bottom of the dress. Her dress also features a deep red upturned collar. She has deep brown hair that reaches past her shoulders in loose waves that curl at the ends, She wears blue and marron colored earrings , and a golden tiara encased in that are identical to daisy. that cloth with sapphire and teal jewels. She also has light blue eyes

 Game Apperances

Super Mario EX

Queen Rosemarie appears as a captured character in Super Mario EX. She has been captured by Larry Koopa and can be saved on the last mission of Larry's Lava Land, VS. Larry. She is playable at the minigame mode.

Paper Mario

Queen Rosemarie appears as a sticker in the sarasalnd shop.

Super Luigi: Its My Time

Queen Rosemarie makes an appearance again in the game. Luigi visits the sarasaland castle after Daisy is kidnapped where Rosamarie is waiting for him. She tells him that he needs to rescue her daughter and her husband King Harold has sent out a search party to help guide him.


In Rosemarie's early designs, she was depicted with Dark brown long hair, a red gown, and a crown with pink and cyan jewels.