Queen Pixella


Queen Pixella Tragedy


Queen Pixella, the Queen of the Narobi-Tron Kingdom.
Full Name Queen Pixella
Gender Female
Location Narobi-Tron Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Queen
First Appearance Fissure (2014)
Queen Pixella is a character introduced in the Fissure reboot. She is the Queen of the Narobi-Trons. She gets her Queen title from being the only member of the royal family to rule; there is no king required.

She is a relatively minor supporting character, but still influential to most of Unten's actions in the series. It is hinted that she may be interested in Unten romantically in Underground and during Tragedy this is confirmed.


Fissure (2014)

In the first game in the Prodigy saga, she appears as a typical damsel in distress. The people of the Narobi-Tron kingdom enlist Unten's help to rescue her from the clutches of a dark sorceress, who was a distant heir to the throne. Although Unten succeeds in defeating RAMiranda, Queen Pixella is impaled and RAMiranda's essence transferred to a computer. Although Pixella is seen to be alive after Unten returns, he is outcast.

Underground (2014)

Queen Pixella returns in the half-way mark of the game, as Unten finds himself in a desert without either Zerita or Fanti at his side. She appears on a screen and enlists Unten to help her get to her father, who has her new body ready. She explains that the Narobi-Trons were unable to build her a new body, so she must get one from her father who's name is PIXL.

Tragedy (2015)


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Powers and Abilities

Pixella, like all Narobi-Trons, can dump their consciousness into anything with a screen, potentially allowing them to live forever. In Tragedy, she gains the ability to protect herself with floating 2x2 metal boxes that can form into various objects.