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Queen Nebula


Queen Nebula

Queen Nebula, goddess of the stars.
Full Name Queen Nebula
(Nebula Lusional)
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Interstellar Oligarchy Member

Goddess of the Stars

Ability/ies Cosmic energy manipulation
First Appearance Shadowcalypse: Master of the Eclipse
Voice Actor(s)
Grey Griffin

Ashley Swaby

Queen Nebula (full name Nebula Lusional) is the main antagonist of the Shadowcalypse series. She is the goddess of stars, and the only female member of the interstellar oligrachy ruling the galaxy.


Queen Nebula hates her own species (i.e. humans) because she believes they are a weak race that only cares about their own demands. She wants to take over the universe to change this, so this may mean she is not entirely a villainess, and only wants to increase the effectiveness of the human race. However, Nebula plans to use her creation abilities to recreate the universe in her own image, meaning that she plans to increase humans' productiveness in a sadistic manner.


Queen Nebula has long, thick brown hair that falls past her waist, pale white skin, and a light purple dress. She has hazel eyes that show almost no emotion at all.



Nebula hates Umbra because he is a threat to her plans. Thus, she tries to destroy him at all costs.

Dee Lusional

As her sister, she seems somewhat protective of her despite not having seen her in a long time. She and her sister grew up together but where as Queen Nebula grew up to hate the human race and it's weaknesses, Dee Lusional grew up to hate the universe itself and desired to create her own. After hearing the legend of Spira, Nebula states that she never saw Dee ever again... until now.

Although she is against her plan, she also does not wish to destroy Dee and makes it clear to the group that they are not to kill her or harm her if they want her help.

Trophy Information

Image Info
Queen NebulaTrophy

Queen Nebula
Shadowcalypse: Master of the Eclipse (2015)

Queen Nebula is the goddess of stars, and the only female member of the interstellar oligrachy ruling the galaxy. She has the intention of take over the universe to change it to her whim. She hates her own species, under the impression that they are weak and only care about themselves and on an ironic note plans to increase effectiveness of the human race.


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