Even if I am to be held hostage, I shall not allow this foul Shake King to disturb the peace of the Shake Dimension! Everyone, let us work together to bring back the peace we once knew!
Merelda, Nintendo Europe website for Wario Land: The Shake Dimension'

Queen Merelda
Merelda, the queen of the Shake Dimension
Full Name Queen Merelda
Gender Female
Location Shake Dimension
Class Queen
Shake Dimension
First Appearance Wario Land: Shake It! (2008)

Queen Merelda is a supporting character in the game Wario Land: Shake It! for the Wii. She is the queen of the Shake Dimension. Merelda and her loyal subjects, the Merfles, were imprisoned by the evil Shake King and his pirate gang (who attempted to take over the locale and also stole the Shake Dimension's treasure, the Coin Sack. However, one of Merelda's Merfles managed to escape into Wario's world requesting help to rescue the Shake Dimension from the Shake King's evil grip, as well as rescue Merelda herself. In the end, Merelda is saved.


Mario Golf: Grand Tour'

Merelda appears in Mario Golf: Grand Tour as a playable character. Here, she is dressed in more sportier clothing- a mini skirt version of her usual gown.

Super Mario Revival series

Queen Merelda appears in the final season of Super Mario Revival, Super Mario Unite!. She aids Mario, Wario, and their friends as they fight the new evil. Merelda is usually allied with Shokora and Mona in this series. Merelda is shown to have the power to shake the earth and cause tremors. Because of her powerful and destructive ability, she must be careful on where she uses it.

Powers and Attacks

  • Shaking Touch - A very powerful attack first used in episode 02 of Super Mario Unite!. Merelda touches the ground, and, almost instantly, a mini earthquake begins. This move is quite destructive, so Merelda can only use it in wide open spaces with little civilian life and buildings. If fighting inside a building or a delicate area, Merelda has a large disadvantage and must only rely on regular attacks like punches and kicks to fight.


Merelda is a graceful and friendly ruler. She seems to keep calm and stay moderate even when she was kidnapped by the Shake King. In Super Mario Revival, she happily gives Wario, Mario, and the rest of their friends the courage to fight.

Physical Appearance

Queen Merelda is a Caucasian woman with blue eyes and a short pointed nose. Her hair is turquoise and is cut short. her hat and her gown are lime green, and the bottom of the gown is colored dark green. She wears a gold broach and a gold buckle on her belt. She also wears elbow-length white gloves.


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