Queen Koomermaid
Queen Koomermaid by Topaz
Full Name Queen "Koopa" Koomermaid
Gender Female
Species Koomermaid (species)
Location Snowflake Ponds (Sprixie Kingdom)
Align Bad
Current Status Alive
Class Sub-Minion of Bowser
Main Weapon(s) Tail, Water Powers
Ability/ies Perfect swim
Ha, ha´ll never get to great Ludwig´s castle, or ever get through mine as well!
Queen Koomermaid, Super Mario Crystalline World

Queen Koomermaid is the ruler of the Koomermaids, a koopa-mermaid creature species. She rules Snowflake Ponds, part of the Sprixie Kingdom.


She has a green mermaid tail with a Koopa´s body and shell, green hair and a crown similar to Peach´s. She also has a green bikini top like mermaids.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Crystalline World

She is the 9th mid-boss of the game, and the mid-boss in Snowflake Ponds.


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