Queen Kaida's Royale Adventure is a game developed by Namcom based on the Skip and Sqak Series. It is the first to have Queen Kaida as the Main Protagonist. The story is when Queen Kaida has to rescue the SSFF Gang who've been kidnapped by Professor X2.

The game was developed for the Wii, Xbox 360, DS and PSP in May 2007.


At the Blue Ant Palace, the SSFF are watching TV in the living room while Kaida is taking her nap. Suddenly, Professor X2 attacks the palace and quickly captures the gang with his latest invention: Bubble-Pod 200 (which can trap people in a bubble).

Kaida woke up from her nap only to find the kids gone. Knowing it was X2, she decides to go on a quest to save them all. Kaida goes to many islands fighting the Red Ants and rescuing the SSFF. After rescuing the entire SSFF, Kaida fights Professor X2 in his Mothership. After defeating X2, Kaida returns to the palace with a celebration party from her friends.


  • Sunny Forest: The only forest in Sunny City (BOSS: Giant Chomp Flower   SSFF: Imp)
  • Junkyard: All the junk from the city is all here (BOSS: Junk Bot   SSFF: Tubby)
  • Kelp Forest: A giant forest of kelp in Gogekka (BOSS: Kelp Beetle   SSFF: Croco)
  • Mud Creek: An entire ocean of mud (BOSS: Mud Monster   SSFF: Skip)
  • Spooky Swamp: A graveyard in a dark swamp (BOSS: Undead Serpant   SSFF: Dib)
  • Hot Topia: The hotter side (BOSS: Fire Monster   SSFF: Cynder)
  • Cold Topia: The colder side (BOSS: Ice Monster   SSFF: Robin)
  • Underwater Lake: Kaida goes underwater to search for Cheatsy (BOSS: Octopus   SSFF: King Cheatsy)
  • Pasiku Temple: A giant temple is where legends of Pasikus are told (BOSS: Titan Statue   SSFF: Sqak)
  • Red Ant Labratory: Professor X2's labratory (BOSS: Red Ant Tank   SSFF: Roshan)
  • X2 Mothership: Kaida must defeat Professor X2 (BOSS: Professor X2)


There are costumes Kaida can wear to give her special skills. 3 pieces in different levels are needed to make one costume.

  • Garden (White Shirt and Black Gloves) (Black Shorts and Brown Belt) (Black Rubber Boots)
  • Soldier (Blue Jacket and Grey Gloves) (Black Pants and Grey Belt) (Grey Boots)
  • Bikinni (Yellow Top) (Yellow Bottom) (Black Sun Glasses)
  • Goth (Black Cloak) (Black Gloves) (Black Boots)
  • Basketball (Red Top) (Red Shorts) (White Sneakers)
  • Park Ranger (Brown Shirt and Hat) (Brown Shorts and Black Belt) (White Socks and Brown Hiking Boots)

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