Not to be confused with Queen Rosemarie.

Queen Bryony
Full Name Queen Bryony Rose
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sarasaland
Current Status Alive
Class Queen
King Lienani (husband)

Lady Primrose (sister)

Princess Daisy (daughter)

Prince Joshua (son)

Princess Clover (daughter)

Queen Bryony Rose is the ruler of Sarasaland and the mother of Princess Daisy. Princess Clover and Prince Joshua, wife of King Leilani and the sister of Lady Primrose. Bryony appears in the Sarasaland Bay board in Mario Party Eclipse as a background character and later appears in the show Kooped Up.


Bryony has medium-tan skin, frizzy dark hair gray with one light gray streak tied up into a bun. She has a golden tiara encrusted with flower shaped Emeralds. Her eyes are a dark hazel color and she has a beauty mark on her chin. Bryony's dress is long and layered with blue, purple and green. Her sleeves have rounder shoulder pads and long elbow length sleeves, she has pale wrist length gloves. She also has a Bryony-shaped Brooch and sometimes holds a scepter with Bryony Vines climbing up it.


Bryony is quick to anger but is very forgiving. Bryony's main personality consists of a kind generous Queen who loves her subjects and wants to pass on her Kingdom to one of her children. She is a skilled baker.


  • A Bryony is a green flower that grows up trees like Ivy. It sometimes sprouts berries.
  • Bryony's white streak is a possible reference to Anna from Frozen.
  • She and her husband where both on the Skytop Cruise when it 'sank'.