You! You're that darn dinosaur who beat the heck out of my husband! Do you realize how badly you hurt him? Now you'll pay!"
Queen Bob-Omb, Super Mario 65.

Queen-Bob-Omb is a character who first appears in Super Mario 65. In the game, she is angry that a dinosaur has defeated her husband and challenges him to a battle. After defeating her, she drops a red key that will unlock a door to free Mario. Her battle is similar to King Bob-Omb's battle in the game.Queen bob-omb


Queen Bob-Omb is obviously a large black Bombette with arms (not as big as her husband's), earings, and a silver tiara. She also has black eyelashes.


  • In the Japanese version of Super Mario 65, her name is Princess Bob-Omb. She is also smaller and calls King Bob-Omb her daddy. This is only in the Japanese version.
  • The battle with Queen Bob-Omb is extremley similar to the battle with her husband.


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