Queen Bebe is the main protagonist of the 1992 SNES sidescroller Physics Bee.


Bebe is rather sweet and caring if not trying to control others, as she came ever slowly power hungry as her produce grew and she was respected more. She deems her people as "subjects" and is alienated when contacting to them in small groups. Although she is a good speaker, she can at times be nervous. Bebe also is resourceful and dislikes change, trying to resolve things in a hurry, regardless of others and the chances.


Queen Bebe is slightly larger than her subjects and her features such as her wings and antenna are larger to represent her dominate queen stature. She has a black then yellow striped furred body (like a bee). She has large black eyes and has a smile on her mouth, making her look like a less realistic bee. Her longer black antenna is curved forward into a spiral. He stinger is bigger too, to represent her ability in Physics Bee.


Physics Bee

Bebe is the main protagonist in Physics Bee as she is swept away from her hive in a freak storm. As she tries to get back, she has enemies to face and crossing long terrains, getting through hard to reach places and fights. Her 3 main abilities are fly, climb or pollenate. She has to balence her 3 meters out, if they all drop, her energy will slow down leading her to be much more vulnerable for a Game Over.


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