Queen Aleena

The queen of Samos Jungle and Skip's mother.

Queen Aleena is one of the main characters in the Skip and Sqak Series. She is the birth mother of Skip, wife of Ignus and the queen fo Samos Jungle. She first appeared in Skip and Sqak 3, where she helps the SSFF and SSSSS in their war against Professor Z9 and his Redworx.

She speaks in an African-American accent.


Queen Aleena used to work as a maid in Madame Rosalina's mansion, where she kept her egg in a baby crib. She was excited for her upcoming child, "Leon", to come, but Rosalina wants to take the egg to test her new machine on. Aleena tries to get her egg back but Rosalina takes advantage, with Aleena crying on the floor.

To calm her down, Rosalina hypnotizes Aleena and erases her whole memory, puts her to sleep and sends her away on a boat until Aleena got to Samos Jungle. With her memory erased, she wakes up in a new world and marries the king of the jungle, Ignus.

Skip and Sqak 3

Through her life, Aleena knew she had a horrible experience but can't remember what it is. When Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp, Tubby and Professor X2 crashed in Samos Jungle, King Ignus and his Frog Soldiers go undercover while Aleena stayed in the palace. Later on, when the 6 heroes were discovered Aleena was more gentle and caring for Skip while Ignus pushes them around.

Later, while Aleena and Ignus were saving the heroes, Ignus dies from falling off a waterfall and Aleena is left to weep over his death. She soon overhears Rosalina stating that she sent her son to the past and begins slapping the black widow many times in the face. Realizing that Skip was her long lost son Leon, they both hug in tears.

At the end of the game, Aleena has a funeral for Ignus and she takes care of Skip.


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