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Quartz (Exotoro)



Full Name Quartz (formerly Six)


Current Age  ??
Gender Female
Species Alien (unknown species)
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
The Threat's Forces
Minor Deity
Family and Relations
The Threat (commander, master)

Seven (unknown)

Main Weapon(s) Super Strength

Energy Projectile
Heated Claws

Vulnerable To Uttering the phrase "Seven eight nine" or any variation there of

Quartz (formerly known as Six) is one of the new characters introduced in Fantendo - Genesis. She, along with Flicker, are stated to be the main antagonists. She is an alien who is under the leadership of the Threat and plans to wipe out Earth due to it's connections with The Fan and The Enemy.

In the episode Sparring with Six, she undergoes a name change to Quartz under Unten's suggestion. It is also hinted that she has fallen in love with Unten, judging by the very last scene.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

She has some new metal bracers around her arm, with a blue dot on each. These are supposedly what restore many of her powers that she lost during Genesis, albeit somewhat nerfed. She also has a new black-blue chest-plate with the Unten symbol on the right side of the plate. An interesting thing to note is that her legs are no longer wrapped with bracers.


Six is a white alien with a blue body sigil on her left leg. She wears metal bracers on her hands and feet, with blue gems embedded into them. She also has a blue gemstone in the middle of her body and on the top of her head. She wears upper body armor around her chest with a "six" symbol. She has three fingers and toes with black nails. Her "hair" is made of tentacle like appendages. She has a tail that ends with a "bulb" and has blue spherical extensions coming out of it. She has black circles with a line coming down from the bottom around her eyes.


During the events of Fantendo - Genesis, Six is seen as a focused and dangerous enemy to Earth, often blowing things up or killing anyone that she deems a threat. She seems to be very curious about fire and has been standing still entirely out of awe of the heat and display it creates. She is strong and dangerous, but not without her weaknesses.

Six is later seen in the Fantendo Now episode Sparring with Six as one of the main characters, the story centering around her training with Unten. She is initially aggressive and seems to outright question Unten's intelligence whenever possible. She sees herself as a pawn and is encouraged to break out of that mold by Unten. She later changes her name to Quartz at Unten's suggestion.

As she developed more on her own, she became more excited about new things and what Earth could offer that Svarga didn't. Having lived her whole life taking orders from others, Quartz wants to be her own person while also still serving the people she cares about. Her aggressiveness flairs up during battle or when she is blocked from getting what she wants. She likes to draw pictures using crayon in her cell, often drawing pictures of her and Unten.


Six is one of the Threat's several highest ranking members, being number six of ten. She was close friends with the former Eight and Nine of the Threat's order, before they were eaten by Ten (Seven) in front of her. It is unknown why Ten, later Seven spared her. This gruesome accident scarred her so badly she now freezes up whenever she hears the phrase "Seven Eight Nine"/"Seven ate Nine".

She was sent by the Threat to conquer planet Earth, one of the Fan and the Enemy's most treasured planets. Upon arrival, she was mistaken as a meteor by a group of meteor watchers and during her arrival slaughtered an entire group of researchers. Needing to cool down after exerting so much energy, Six fell asleep in a gas station's ice bag section where the events of Fantendo - Genesis then took place.


Quartz is able to use super strength, easily able to bend most doors with her bare hands and grab tanks with one hand while slamming into the ground. Quartz can also make use of energy projectiles which are of a fast but dodgeable speed. Quartz is also able to fly great distances and can take off almost instantly. Quartz's claws also have the ability to heat themselves, making them hot enough to melt steel.

Due to a traumatic experience involving Seven, upon hearing the phrase "Seven eight nine" will trigger horrifying flashbacks that will briefly leave her vulnerable. During this state she will put her hands to her head and appear to be in deep shock. In chapter six of Fantendo - Genesis, it is shown that Quartz will destroy whatever or whoever does this, regardless of what they are.

During Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Quartz is able to access a more powerful form known as her second form. Although it has some similarities to the Hyper Modes introduced in the game as well, Quartz's second form seems to be a thing she can do at will without the aid of a orb and only changes her Special Attacks. It is also fairly weak in comparison to some of the Hyper Forms, although she has longer staying power in it. Her claws are always buzzing with heat and she floats off the ground. She has a new appearance as well.


Fantendo - Genesis

Six appears in the first chapter hiding in the gas station under a bunch of ice bags. When Rachel goes to investigate, Six appears and nearly kills the three characters in the gas station before flying away. She later reappears in chapter five at the science fiction convention and attempts to kill Rachel and Robyn, which ends up having the convention building go up in flames. Later in chapter six, she meets a group of children that end up triggering her memory of Seven killing and eating Eight, Nine, and the previous Seven. After being forced through reliving traumatic memories, it is implied she killed the group of children as well as the entire neighborhood as it is up in flames when it cuts to black.

Sparring with Six

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory



It used to be one of antagonism. As Six, she fought him in what would become known as the Broken Jaw Pit, and nearly killed him until her sapped away her powers via Descension. The two would later encounter each other again under the watch of The Fan and The Enemy, training. While Six was hard to train initially, Unten learned how to counter her as well as connect with her. Six shed her old name and became Quartz under his suggestion. The ending of Sparring with Six states she has a romantic crush on him.

The Threat


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Fantendo - Genesis (2015)

Six is one of The Threat's Top 10, a system of disposable elite pawns sent to destroy or conquer whatever The Threat commands them to. Six comes to Earth in Fantendo - Genesis to destroy it and shows an interest in fire and has a freak out revolving the phrase "789". Although it's a hard battle, Unten manages to defeat her by stripping away her powers.