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Quario Render
Quario, the creation from Joel's imagination.
Full Name Quario


Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth April 28 (Date Of First Appearance.)
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Class Used Car Salesman 


Ability/ies To "Quaff".
Vulnerable To Erase Button
First Appearance Mario Paint (1992)
Latest Appearance

Mario Paint (1992)

Family and Relations

Mario (possibly cousin)

Luigi (possibly cousin)

Wario (possibly cousin) 

Waluigi (possibly cousin)

Voice Actor(s)
Joel Johansson

My name is Quario, I Quaff!

Quario's catchphrase

Quario is a Mario Brother, that is a used car salesman, and is also a criminal. Similar to Wario and Waluigi.


Quario is a character that was made on a stream of Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo. The streamer who created him is named "Vargskelethor" or otherwise know as "Joel". Joel interpenetrated Quario as being a used car salesman, and being a criminal. It is unknown what is the age of Quario, but we do know that he is part of the Mario family.

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