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Quackermann ! is a 2020 action video game by Expansion Corporations, Inc., released for Expansion Q-System and Ouya.


The Presbyornis, a large duck, was a successful bird. 50 mya, it was presumed extinct... but they survived. One of them, Presbo, got lost and landed in Europe. There, he was found by a woman and taken in her home, called "Presbo". He then opens a chip shop. Months later, he heard about terror attacks from an evil Dimetrodon (Synapsid), Demitron. He becomes a superhero, and defeats Dimetron trice with ease. The fourth time however, Demitron abducts Presbo's friends Vega the Vegavis (a goose), Ibero the Iberomesornis and Falminge the Palaelodus. Presbo in his superhero state calls himself "Quackermann". He must beat Demitron, and his helpers for once and all.

Foremost Characters


Presbo: An good hearted Presbyornis that likes... chocolate ? He's the game's main hero.


Demitron: A evil Dimetrodon and the game's primary antagonist.

  • Vega: (picture to be added) A Vegavis goose and love interest of Presbo.
  • Ibero: A good friend of Presbo, coming straight from Spain.
  • Flaminge: A Palaelodus and a mentor of Presbo.
  • Byorn: Presbo's brother. Sadly, his life was cruelly ended by Demitron, and Presbo now wants to avenge his decedent brother.


Presbo can be moved in any direction. He can jump and use several gadgets hidden in his costume (a tuxedo with a high hat). He can also fly for a short amount of time, and kick. His third move is the battering ram, in which he charges at the opponent with high speed. He can buy more gadgets but can use only one at a time. If Presbo eats chocolate or meatballs in tomato sauce, he heals one wedge of health. Presbo has six wedges of health, and when he has no more wedges remaining, the Player can quickly buy four wedges for €400 ($400 in American version, £400 in Britain version), or else Presbo will be forced to retreat to the Presbo Attic, resulting in a Game Over.


  1. The Forest (first time)
  2. The Appartment (Hub)
  3. The Library
  4. The Park
  5. The Herbalist Apothecary
  6. The Sky
  7. The Motorway
  8. The Forest (second time)
  9. The Grand Finale


  • A reference to Sonic is made in this game; when Presbo uses his battering ram in a cutscene in which he's fighting Demitron, the latter says "reminds me of that hedgehog bloke".

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