Quack is the second main character in the Barker and Quack series. He is the sidekick ofBarker, which he enjoys.


Before the events of Barker's Adventure, Quack was just an average Chibi Duck, but then Runtus attacked. He then went to his friend Munk Googoo for help. He and Munk Googoo, who was both a Munk and the former protecter of Cloudia, summoned Barker from Earth to become the new protecter. In Barker's Adventure, he served as both Barker's Partner and Sidekick, but he was also wanted to free his family ( Honker, Peep, Shouty,ect.) . He then appeared again in Barker's Adventure 2- 8 Worlds, where he was again was Barker's sidekick, but also became friends with Barker's bulldog cousin Stomp. He is also a Playable character in A.C.G Arena. He is also playable in Baby Barker and Baby Quack as one of the 2 starting characters.

Personality and Appearence

Quack is an all around nice character, is pretty dumb and curious, and only sometimes gets angry, but watch out when he does get angry, he can shoot water balls and fly! He is kind of in the shape of a roundish triangle, and has yellow feathers and wings, a white belly, and also an orange beak and orange feet. His best friend is Barker, and he is Barker's sidekick. His girlfriend is Quackla, a female Chibi Duck he met in Barker's Adventure 2- 8 Worlds. He is also friends with Stomp, Munk Googoo, Cherry and Chef Puff. He is enemies with Runtus, and ecspecially Bazooka. He HATES Bazooka.

As of ACG War

When fighting in the ACG war, Quack develops a bond with Blok, and is heartbroken to hear that Blok has been captured. While he, Barker and Ten go to rescue their friend, Quack is ambushed and shot. Quack decides to go undercover, and rebels against both groups, becoming invisible. Barker and Ten, thinking Quack is dead, report back to base, saddened. Quack picks up a persona known as the Prey. Prey sports dyed grey feathers, a mask to fit his head, and a handgun, often switching to swords or machine guns. Prey is one of the newcomers in ACG Arena Charged, and for some reason Quack and him can't fight, making Barker and Ten suspicious. Blok is rescued, along with the others who are captured, by Prey. Quack still goes undercover as Prey, and nobody knows who Prey really is, not even his son, Soar.

Theme Song

The amazing world of gumball dubstep new 201204:26

The amazing world of gumball dubstep new 2012


  • Quack was origanally a Penguin named Huff-Puff.
  • Quack was named best A.C.G sidekick by awesomecartoongames's friends.

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