QT, host of The V Shop.
Full Name QT
Gender Female
Species Robot

QT is the host of The V Shop. She is a big fan of video games and offers her advice and thoughts on certain games in the shop, as well as provide demos. She is very quirky and tries her hardest not to come off as a "salesman" but a relatable human figure.

She is the first "console mascot" for the The V².



QT appears as the shopkeeper here and acts pretty similar to how she does for the V Shop.


Default and Expressions

Alternate Colors

Badge Artworks


  • QT has a crush on King Ash from Magma Sentinels (game).
  • QT was originally a mascot character from Q-Orbit, a Lapis Wiki newsletter.
  • Her tie changes color depending on what color system you have.
    • For the Beorn Blue console, she switches to Yazoka's colors.