Pyrphesis is a RPG game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. It's also the first game from the Pyrphesis series. The game stars sailor Eliza, pupil Fayne, mercenary Nicker and thief Kauto as main characters.


The plot is seperated into four parts; each shows a new part of the storyline.

  • Part I is about sailor Eliza, who works to chase monsters away from the Valencia kingdom, while also trying to find a cure for King Saren's illness and to stop Lord Daaran's plans of taking over the kingdom.

Part I


Part I

Image Name Description Job Recruitment Starting Level Avaibility
Eliza Eliza, the main character of Part I, living in Valencia. She's working as a sailor to get money, but helps villagers in their home-works from time to time. After learning how to use a sword, Eliza takes defeating monsters and stopping Lord Daraan's plans as her goal. But how long will she be able to survive? Sailor Default Level 1 Unknown


Name Description Avaible for Jobs Avaibility and Limitations
Lullaby A calm song which may make enemy sleep. Any Eliza only, can be used from any level, unable to sell or buy.
Swim+ The character's mastered swimming skills grants them ability to run out of air slower. Sailor Avaible to buy and sell, can be used from any level.
Tactics Skills The leader's superb tactics skills grant their's party members better stats. Any Usable only on the team's leader, can be used from level 25, unable to sell, avaible to buy.
Monster Slayer This person's monster battling skills give them the power to effectively kill monsters. Any Avaible to buy and sell, can be used from any level.
Swiftness The characters incredible swiftness and speedness may grant them a second attack straight after the first. Any Avaible to buy and sell, can be used from level 10.


Name Description Abilities Limitations
Sailor People who dedicate their lives to the sea. Because of their knowledge of seas, most of sailors are brilliant swimmers and have good orientation on most terrains. Sailing, swimming, fishing Weak at deserts, can't use magic

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