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The Pyroverse is a series of projects directed by Pyrostar (tbc), which acts as an alternate universe compared to the Fantendoverse. Any Pyrostar-directed project or character is considered part of the Pyroverse, which acts as a Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired combination of all of the creator's work.


The Pyroverse, akin to the New Fantendoverse, is a universe built atop the remains of another universe. However, this universe is implied to have been destroyed in a great calamity of some sort, and the Pyroverse's creator goddess, Tiera, is said to have been the last inhabitant of prior to its destruction.

The Pyroverse has existed for eons, with many unique civilizations blossoming across it over time. Unlike the Fantendoverse and real world, which are primarily made up of dark matter, the Pyroverse is made up of a unique form of energy known as Nebulaic Energy, seemingly a byproduct of Tiera's presence.

Despite the use of nebulaic energy as a medium for hyper-interplanetary transport, many worlds are unable to harness this energy and as such remain largely localized to one sector of the universe at a time. Though means of space travel have been developed by specific civilizations, only three groups are generally associated with being able to utilize nebulaic energy; Tiera's servants, the Judgemasters, and the Yōkai.


This is a timeline of all the events in the Pyroverse, events are catalogued into Eras.

Pre-Creationary Era

  • The company dispatches an assassin to kill the family
  • Lyra causes a cataclysmic event causing the universe to reset

Creationary Era

  • The Universe is reborn, Lyra becomes the Goddess Tiera whilst the father becomes Inversim and the child becomes Evi, the assassin drifts in space in suspended animation [??? BPV]

Era of Humanity

  • Modern Humans start appearing on Earth [300,000 BPV]
  • The Assassin awakens from his suspended animation and helps found a tribe and has a child, starting The Lineage [100,000 BPV]
  • The Assassin dies from old age seeing her great grandchildren before she passed away [99,880 BPV]
  • Harpies arrive on Earth colonizing a small island in the Demitomo Sea [17,450 BPV]
  • The events of Masquerade take place [1812 BPV]
  • The events The Arabian Pit occurs [1811 BPV]

Era of Conflict

  • Anoitis is born [475 BPV]
  • The Tomanior Empire rises to prominence [27 BPV]
  • A powerful magic user named Yeshua is born inheriting a piece of cloth from the Pre-Creationary Era which imbues him with immense magical powers allowing him to perform miracles [2 BPV]
  • The Tomanior Empire fractures creating the Holy Tomanior Empire and the Galantan Empire [395 APV]
  • Both empires begin to show signs of weakness and being losing territory to barbarians, raiders and traitors [400 APV]
  • The events of Infinity Limit take place [405 APV]
  • The Galantan Empire collapses causing the Holy Tomanior Empire to take an influx of people increasing its army greatly [480APV]
  • The Dark Ages begin [550 APV]
  • The Events of BlackLight occur [1337 APV]

Era of Rebirth

  • The Renaissance begins signifying a progression for humanity [1380 APV]
  • Colonization of the rest of the Earth occurs as people discover more land to live on [1498 APV]
  • A sect of Harpies migrate to an island in the Caribbean founding a new nest [1525 APV]
  • The events of Quetz's Adventure occur [1958 APV]
  • The events of Costume Party occur [1965 APV]
  • Jacey is born [1978 APV]

Era of Indulgence

  • The events of Iliad Online occur [2036 APV]
  • The events of DJ Flask occur [2130 APV]
  • Marie Caviar helps start a change in the lifestyles of humanity creating a wave of activity and movement bringing a resurgence of humanity's ambition [2146 APV]

Era of Technology

  • The events of Sunset Maiden occur [2280 APV]
  • The events of Streak occur [3000 APV]
  • The events of SHOUJO occur [3030 APV]
  • Humanity looks to colonize far beyond its current reaches and sends out a colony into deep space with a Lineage member [3226 APV]

Era of Awakening

  • The Terran people found their new home having evolved somewhat to adapt to the change in climate [3571 APV]
  • Narta is born [6981 APV]
  • Fera is born [7035 APV]
  • The events of Heroforce occur [7056 APV]


Eternity Artifacts

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The Yōkai are a generally-defined race of chaos spirits that reside across the Pyroverse, taking on a variety of forms and guises throughout existence. Yōkai are essentially the equivalent yet opposite reaction to Tiera's existence, being creatures formed of chaos and entropy in contrast to the goddess being a living embodiment of order and stability. The species sees themselves as destined to bring down the reign of what they see as a cruel dictator, and are among the most common advocates for her destruction. The Yōkai see themselves as saviors as a result, and will typically do everything in their power to defend other civilizations from Tiera's "divine judgement"- as they are formed from the natural flow of chaos, the race essentially cannot be exterminated, and will last as long as the Pyroverse does.

Yōkai are naturally capable of manipulating elemental energy due to their ethereal nature, and as such, are freely capable of intergalactic travel without the need for specialized equipment. As spirits, they themselves are largely spectral and have no ability to actually perform tasks or carry out their goals on their own. As such, they will typically undergo possession and have sexual relations with a physical creature, resulting in a Yōkai-hybrid child the spirits themselves refer to as Heirs. Possessing limited power related to their spiritual parents and the physical body and intellect of their other parent, Heirs are typically seen as leaders, and Yōkai will follow them loyally. This often leads to younger rulers who are nevertheless seen as strong and wise, such as clan leader Geki. Heirs will always possess horns, regardless of whether or not the original species did, and these horns have since become synonymous with Yōkai themselves.


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Elemental Alignment

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The Pyroverse possesses a different line of thinking than typical Earth when it comes to classical elements, having been defined by the greater amount of magic in the world as well as ideals implanted by Tiera into humanity. Elements typically refer to both normal classical elements as well as emotions or ideals, such as the Grudge element being symbolic for both justice and vengeance (ideals) and light (element). The elemental alignment system is also linked to the Pyroverse zodiac, with constellations forming symbols that have become synonymous with each element.

The list of elements includes: Spirit, Sorrow, Grudge, Decay, Flow, Life, Schema, Heart, Flux, and Null.