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Pyroverse Symbol

The Pyroverse is a series of projects directed by Pyrostar (tbc), which acts as an alternate universe compared to the Fantendoverse. Any Pyrostar-directed project or character is considered part of the Pyroverse, which acts as a Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired combination of all of the creator's work.

Important Events

Standalone Events

Events only related to a singular character or franchise.

Heroforce Logo

Important Characters: Fera, Lucius, Koza


Important Characters: Nichi Saiba


Important Characters: Cross, Reia, Denza

Request3-Infinity Limit-Ver2

Important Characters: Möbius, Euler, Andronikos

Axiom Logo

Important Characters: Sophia, Kane


Important Characters: Claire, Anna, Markus, Elaine


Important Characters: Princess Flannel

Crossover Events

Events involving the entirety of the Pyroverse.

Important Characters: Evi, Inversim
Important Events: Formation of Phase Portals, Unification of Pyroverse, Discovery of Eternity Kingdom Artifacts

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