Full Name Jason Ray


Current Age 17-25
Date of Birth Autumn Day 30
Gender Male
Species Legitopian Human
Location New Ben City
Legion of Heroes


Main Weapon(s) Pyrocannon


Ability/ies Pyrotinitik

Electrotinitik Flight Martial Art

Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Pyroborge issue #1
Pyroborge is a hero created by Legend. He is a scientist who developed the Pyrocannon which each nozzle is ten times more powerful than a military grade Flame Thrower. He also is a black belt in 5 martial arts. He also has an array of gadgets such as his Jet pack and his Electrocannon.


Jason Ray was born to an Marylish immigrant and a Solinian Maid. His parents always disagreed based on on how to raise there son. Jason, however, seemed to unify them when there arguments got deeper and deeper. And his parents put aside there differences.

Becoming The Pyroborge.

Jason told his family that he wanted to be a scientist when he was 17. Which angered his Father which the line of the family was carpeting. Jason and his father argued and things even got physical. Until His father threw a punch at Jason which he dodged only for the punch to land on Jason’s mother behind him. His mother then began to cry out of pain and in sorrow. Jason then grabbed his backpack and ran out of the house and took his fathers car and drove off into the United Republic. Jason then went to his apartment were he began to build the Pyrocannon. He and his friend Drake Harper built the Most powerful Cannon in the World. The Pyrocannon. Ever since Then Pyroborge has fought evil by himself and with teams such as The Alpha and Legion of Heroes.

Powers and Abilities

Pyrotinitik: Pyroborge is Pyrotinitik

Scientist: Pyroborge is a Scientist

MMAM (Multiple Martial Arts Master)