Pyro Sez

Pyro Sez is a Fantendo-based review system created by Pyrostar, which began on May 15th, 2015.

Rating Scale

Pyro Sez runs off of a scale referred to as the Scoville Score, based on the real-life scale utilized to measure spiciness.

  • 0-.75: Literally Frozen
  • 1-1.75: Ice Cold
  • 2-2.75: Winter Mint
  • 3-3.75: Lukewarm
  • 4-4.75: Mild
  • 5-5.75: Got A Kick
  • 6-6.75: Nice and Spicy
  • 7-7.75: Very Spicy
  • 8-8.75: Superheated!
  • 9-9.75: Too Hot to Handle!!
  • 10+: Atomic!!!

Reviewed Pages

To Be Reviewed

To request a page to be reviewed, please leave a comment.

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