Pyro Mantis
His appearence.
Full Name Infecterior Element Trio Pyro Mantis
Current Age Ageless
Gender Male
Location None
Current Status Probably destroyed.
Class Infecterior Element Trio Member
Infecterior Army.
Family and Relations
Thunder Pheonix (Element-Mate), Frostbite Turtle (Element-Mate, leader.)
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Fire spitting, fire breathing, fire absorbing.
Vulnerable To None
Infect-Clone Sam The Koopa.
First Appearance Fantendo:Infected.
Latest Appearance Fantendo:Infected.

Pyro Mentis is the 3rd Boss of Fantendo:Infected. He is one of the Infecterior Element Trio and is a pyromaniac. He loves fire so much that he could give a serious danger to the other Infecteriors Members so he is moved to the Battle Dimension, and decided to get out of there. It said to be an experiment of a contact of one hundred litre of Infect-Liquid and fires that exceed 200°F.